Up & Down with lots of Addition

6 Pax dawned a not so warm gloom to partake in a little El Dorado downPAINment to start their week

The Thang

Run to El Dorado
At each level we will do the following exercise and run up the ramps to top
Level 1 Burpees x 10 + 1
Level 2 Mericans x 20 + 2
Level 3 Air Squats x 20 + 2
Level 4 Low Flutter x 30 + 3
Level 5 CDD x 20 + 2
Level 6 LBC x 40 + 4
Back down stairway to heaven and rinse and repeat till time is called to head back


-always a pleasure to lead such a fine group of men even if it is from the back of the pack

-@Stoli, @Col. Mustard, @TheNanny strong showing to pull away and get those sets in

-@Google & @Bling great effort and thanks for keeping the 6

-I distinctly remember that being a lot easier when @Col. Mustard did it at Highlands…dang that El Dorado making everything harder

-there is a first time for everything and today was a first for @Bling to be a WAR DADDY!!!!


3 thoughts on “Up & Down with lots of Addition

  1. Bootstrap Post author

    great push by @PAX to get those reps in

    One would think that 10k mericans in Merkvember would make the easier in December but not so much

  2. Stoli

    Great workout, Bootstrap. Nothing at El Dorado is easy.

    Intense push by all six. That run back was no joke.

  3. The Nanny

    @Bootstrap. Starting things with burpees was mean. Following them up 40 yards later with Merkins was evil.

    @Stoli @Mustard. Great work to you two front runners this morning. I was just trying to hang on and got thrown out the back after our final set of burpees. I experienced chills, dizziness, and nausea. Thanks?

    @Google super strong effort on the run home. I kept thinking to myself “surely I can keep up w/o too much difficulty after half marathon fitness a mere few weeks ago. Nope. It hurt.

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