The Afterparty Beatdown

Nine men exited the fartsack and ventured out into the chilly gloom for the afterparty beatdown.  Since most of Tradition’s finest were out celebrating the holiday season together this past Saturday, getting fat eating from the buffet and consuming adult beverages, YHC decided to partner the Pax up to burn off some of those unwanted calories.  It went a little something like this…

YHC arrived early and used his two-year-old’s sidewalk chalk to mark the stations with the following:

Slow mosey around parking lot.


Windmill X10
Cotton Picker X10

Partner Up.  If you show up late and don’t have a partner, just join in!

Station 1:

KB Squat Press X15
KB Swings X15
KB Goblet Squats X15
KB Clean and Press X 10 (each arm)
KB Sumo Squats x15

*10 Merkins between each exercise (one partner does KB exercise while the other does merkins)

Switch to other Station:

Station 2:

Chest Press x 20
Curls X 20 two handed (or 10 each arm)
Bent Rows X 10 (each arm)
High Pulls X 15
Pullovers x15

**15 LBC’s between each exercise (one partner does KB exercise while the other does LBC’s)

Goal 4 sets at each station.


The Squirm (Just for Pharaoh!) X20
Pretzel Crunch X10 (each side)
Homer to Marge Medley w/ Low Dolly X10 and Rosalita X10 (Thanks, Raptor!)



1) As always, it was a pleasure leading this morning.  Hopefully you enjoyed the beatdown.
2) Great partnering with you, Gamma.  Thanks for making the trek all the way from Harrisburg!
3) Jelly clearly relished his role as MC Saturday night and kept that going this morning with a little, errr ALOT of mumble chatter….  10 extra reps of each exercise for you!!
4)  In all seriousness, great job Saturday with the party, Jelly.  Thanks for all of your work behind the scenes to set that up.  Thanks to everyone else who helped with the event as well!  The M and I enjoyed getting to know everyone a little better.
5) I’m scheduled to Q B.O.M.B. this Friday also.  If anyone wants to fill in and Q for me to give us a little variety, just let me know.

8 thoughts on “The Afterparty Beatdown

  1. Pharaoh

    @Buckwheat – I had a good time today…it was about time i put my kettle bell to use
    @Gamma – glad to see you this morning
    @Mr.Belding – as always you are a good partner

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice job this morning @buckwheat. I enjoyed it as usual. Nice partnering up with you this morning @blinddate.

  3. Gamma

    @Buckwheat – great workout. Now I have to come back next time you run this so we can get the full four sets. Thanks for pushing me.

    @Pax – thanks for the warm welcome. Great group at Tradition! Tclaps to those that went running afterwards.

    @Skipper – a Christmas Miracle! Maybe I shoulda worn the Santa suit.

  4. BlindDate

    @Buckwheat — great workout, especially the nice touch with the sidewalk chalk. Without it, I would have been asking you “what do we have to do next” a few too many times. Good variety with the exercises.

    @ForgottenJelly — great partnering up with you as well. Always good to mix it up with a little kettle workout with the bootcamps on other days.

  5. Dingo

    @Buckwheat – I have missed far too many of your Q’s……

    @Gamma – A man with a 40lb bell will travel! Sorry I missed you!

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