When even the Q complains about the workout…

13 PAX showed up for a tough, Virgin Q Kettle Bell workout. It was a beautiful morning and we finished just before the rains came in.

The Thang:


1. Mosey around the church and then circle-up.

2. SSH  x12

3. Windmills x12

4. Merkins x12

8 exercises in the set. 1 minute interval for single-part exercises and 45 seconds each side for dual-part exercises. 10 second rest in between reps (at least that was how it was supposed to go if the Q could have figured out how to work his fancy pink timer).

1. KB Swing (1 min)

Rest (10 sec)

2. KB Squat and Press (45 sec RH/45 sec LH)

Rest (10 sec)

3. KB Lunge and Rotation (1 min)

Rest (10 sec)

4. KB Bicep Curl (45 sec RH/45 sec LH)

Rest (10 sec)

5. KB Chest Press (45 sec RH/45 sec LH)

Rest (10 sec)

6. KB Figure 8 Swing and Twist (1 min)

Rest (10 sec)

7. KB Plank Row (45 sec RH/45 sec LH)

Rest (10 sec)

8. KB Extension –Forward/Right/Left (1 min)

Mosey Around the Church

  • REPEATO (except set 2 replaces The KB Lunge and Rotation with KB WW2 Sit-ups and replaces KB Figure 8 Swing and Twist with KB High Pull)


1. Scissor Kicks x 15

2. Low Dolly x 15

3. LBC x 15

4. Pretzel Crunch x 10 each side. There was a little extra crunch to the pretzel thanks to doing Man Down’s version.



  • I appreciate everyone’s support for my virgin Q. Great effort by all this morning.
  • Don’t forget the F3 Holiday party Saturday evening (Dec. 6) at The Sweet Spot.

4 thoughts on “When even the Q complains about the workout…

  1. Man Down

    SOLID Virgin Q today Frostbite! The M couldn’t make her workout this morning, so I was free to attend my very first B.O.M.B. workout. My heart is glad that I could make it out for your VQ, but my body is already warning me of the coming soreness!

  2. Dingo

    Nice work Frostbite! Sorry I forgot to pre-blast your VQ! Great turnout though!

    Thanks for stepping up!

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