Quiet Morning

20 of Highlands Faithful joined in the gloom eager to exercise their bodies and jaws (Chowder).

Mosey around back of Middle School to the cul-du-sac.


Run up the hill to the football bleachers

4 rounds of the following:
20 Decline Merkins
40 Lunges
30 LBC with feet on fence

Run down the hill to the Wall

5 rounds of the following:
30 second peoples chair
Run up the hill for jump squats (5,4,3,2,1)

Back to Cul-du-Sac

Partner Up for 2 rounds of the following:
15 Partner Incline Merkins
10 Partner Get Ups

Run to Basketball Courts

Get into teams of 4 for the following:
2 men stay at BB Goal 1 and complete reverse crunches
Other 2 men race to Goal 2, complete 5 burpees and run back
Flip Flop and run to Goal 3
blah blah blah for about 5 rounds

Run over to parking lot for 5 minutes of MARY in 3 minutes

Low Dolly
Mason Twist
Plank Jack

– Great numbers this morning, looks like we are increasing in the winter months which is awesome to see!
– Remember to wear your F3 shirt if you have one on Saturday for pictures. Thank @Dingo for that.
– Good luck to @Chowder on his quest to advance his ideas and grow his impact. T-Claps for where your headed brother.
– Quiet bunch today for some reason, #notalkthursday?
– Looks like we may have another man join us on Tuesday. Saw us working out this morning. See you next week Perry.

5 thoughts on “Quiet Morning

  1. Wild Turkey

    Would’ve loved to know we were working down the ladder on jump squats… No wonder it kept taking me so much longer…

  2. Dingo

    @ colonel – Maybe The Precinct guys are trying to spread their “No Talking” ruleā€¦.. #appearstobeworking

  3. Google

    @Colonel Mustard great lead this AM. Legs are going to feel that tomorrow. Words cannot describe the appreciation for all the prayers for my Dad. Much Love to you all.

  4. Charmin

    @ Colonel – if the Pax is quiet means you have done your job as the Q. I was shocked at how hard the partner squats worked the quads. I was not sure I was going to be able to get to 10 on the last set.

    Great job

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