Wait, I’ve got a better idea…

Three men, stepped into the dreary gloom, for a short jaunt around Harrisburg.  YHC hadn’t given this one much thought…

  • YHC: We’re just going to jog around Town Center, so we don’t have to cross any streets
  • Gamma: Sounds great
  • YHC: Nevermind, I’ve got a better idea

45 min later…

  • Gamma: I thought you didn’t want to cross any streets?
  • YHC: Yeah
  • RibShack: And we ended up crossing 16 of them?
The Thang
  • Up Keel Ln
  • Right on Physicians Blvd
  • Left on Roberta Rd
  • Right on Hwy 49
  • Right on Morehead Rd
  • Right on Rocky River Crossing Rd
  • Right on Roberta Rd
  • Right on Carl Palmer Dr
  • Right on Keel Ln














4.12 mi, at fellowship mosey pace

COT/ Warrior One

Not much discussion, so the Moleskin is going to be sparse..

  1. Great work men, thanks for the opportunity to lead.
  2. Don’t forget #Burpeecember…it’s not too late to catch up
  3. Sound off if I missed something


Solo Cup

6 thoughts on “Wait, I’ve got a better idea…

  1. RibShack

    Together? We were together? LOL Was the quietest run I’ve ever seen until the last 1.5 miles when we just had to say something to cover up the wheezing in the back. Thanks @SoloCup for lighting the way & @Gamma for the chatter at the end.

    1. BBQ

      I do seem to be the car magnet and have a pretty solid 2-0 record. However I’m looking to retire. I’d rather run from the competition than meet head-to-head.

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