Tradition Cruise – Couch no more!

Every journey has beginning.  Every journey has an end.  These are the easy parts.  Its what happens between these two points that grows us as men, makes us stronger and gives us that sense of accomplishment that you can only get from completing something.

We started this journey together and we finished it today.  3 men, Helga, Raptor and Gangsta’s Paradise came out this morning and ran a full 5k.  Without any walking.  Every runner knows what a big deal this is!  To get to the point where you can run a 5k is like climbing the the first stage of a mountain and realizing that you did it, you can do and you want to do more!


We are finishing this program next Saturday at the Huntersville 5k.  Want to join us?  Sign up here;

Thanks to all the guys who cam out and supported the Couch 2 5k and recognizing that we needed to do this to get some more runners in our group!

But this is not the end.  Merely the beginning of a much longer journey.  I look forward to our Wednesday runs!


6 thoughts on “Tradition Cruise – Couch no more!

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    Thanks @Dingo! Just signed up for the 5K this morning, so now I’m definitely committed! Can’t wait!

  2. Skipper

    Congrats C25K men! Enjoyed the 2nd F this morning with @Raptor and @Helga. It’s hard to believe these guys weren’t “runners” a few weeks ago. We had a nice pace throughout.

    T-Claps also to @Dingo who revived the #Tradition Cruise and gave the pax what they needed! #trueleader

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