1-8-7 in the Highlands!

10 poor souls exited the fartsack for a little Mettle.  As the Tradition Pax learned a few weeks ago, Buckwheat’s last few months at work have been a little stressful.  YHC has been dealing with a rash of homicides on his caseload and decided to take his stress out on the The Highlands Pax, 1-8-7 style.  Dislaimer given during mosey.  YHC then explained that 1-8-7 is the symbol for murder on the streets (from Section 187 of the California Penal System).  Then we went to work.  Things went a little something like this….



Two young ladies roll into the parking lot @ 0531 looking for a workout.  We invited them to join us for a little Mettle.  Smartly, they decided against that and got back into their vehicle to look for FIA.  The Pax told them to check out Highland Creek Elementary.

 – SSH x 20

– Windmill x 20

– Cotton Picker x 15

– Arm Circles

– Triceps/Shoulder Stretch

The Thang:

Exercise Group 1: Arms (3 sets- 11, 18, 17 reps)

– KB Curls (2 handed)

Spark Nut decides to give us a jolt by joining us (late) after a six month fartsack.  Welcome back, brother!!!!

– KB Standing Triceps Extension

– KB Curl and Press

– Low flutter press w/ KB x 20 between sets 1 & 2

– Low dolly press w/ KB x 20 between sets 2 & 3 


1 Burpee

 Exercise Group 2: Shoulders (3 sets- 11, 18, 17)

– KB Shoulder Press

– KB High Pull

– KB Shrugs

– LBC’s x 20 between sets 1 & 2

– The Squirm x 20 between sets 2 & 3


8 Burpees

Exercise Group 3: Chest & Back (3 sets- 11, 18, 17)

– Merkins

– KB Pullovers

– KB Chest Press


7 Burpees

The Pretzel Crunch (10 each side between sets 1 & 2- Phantom)

Low Flutter X 20 (between sets 2 & 3-Derby)

Since we had a few minutes left, why not thrown in a couple of leg exercises

Sumo Squat X 11

Goblet Squat X 11

Lunges X 11

No Time for MARY

Gulfstream joined us after a solo ruck.  He arrived before us and finished with us!



1) Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning, men.  It was a pleasure!

2) Note to self:  Don’t give the new guy the lighter of your two KB’s.  10 Pounds makes a big difference…

3) Welcome back for week two, Conchito.  Way to push yourself today!

4) Thanks for coming back, Spark Nut.  Even though you were a few minutes late, you got out of the fartsack.  That’s half the battle.  Good hard work today and keep coming back!!

5) Great work by all this morning.  There wasn’t much chatter this morning.  I hope that means everyone was spent like me, especially after all the food and fellowship over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

6) Feels good to start the week off right.  Hope everyone enjoyed (err…  HATED) this one!

5 thoughts on “1-8-7 in the Highlands!

  1. Maximus_MECA

    Nice workout Buckwheat. I learned something – I hope I don’t hear the numbers 1 8 7 again anytime soon – at workout or on the street!

  2. Colonel Mustard

    @BuckWheat – Looks like a solid beatdown and I like the intro to the BB.

    @SparkNut – Glad you are back brother!

    @RedDawn – Welcome back to you as well!

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