You vs. You….and everyone else present

0555: raced into H’Burg Park for the Bull Run, knowing I needed a good warm-up and stretch to keep up with the usual Bull Runners, only to find the lot empty.
0557: remembered Bull and BBQ are out of town, Hootie and SSMinnow are on the mend, and Solo Cup said he wasn’t running this morning
0559: thought “at least Riptide will show up…”
0601: “#sadclown runs suck; #sadclown runs in sub-freezing temps suck worse”
0602: “maybe I’ll just do some light running around the park to warm up, get the sandbags out for the workout, little more light running, etc.”
0603: “is the Toyota logo on my steering wheel really supposed to be a T or is there a deeper meaning?”
0605: “ok, I’m getting out of the car…..holy crap, who’s that running into the park?!? Looks like Starsky, but it’s 30 degrees…”
0606: Ran 1.8 miles with Starsky back towards his house, tapped out and ran solo back to the park. He got in 4 miles, YHC got in 3.6

YHC had better luck with the main event. 11 more rolled in to join the Q and an even dozen set off….

Mosey up the drive, down the park path to the football field and circle up.
Mountain Climbers x20
Air Squats x15
Merkins x10
Hammy stretch courtesy of Warrior One Master Q Deuce

To the playground, explain the WIB:
20 Carolina Dry Docks, run up the drive, touch the fence post and back
20 Reverse Crunches, run up the drive, touch the fence post and back
20 Merkins, run up the drive, touch the fence post and back
15 Jump Squats, run up the drive, touch the fence post and back
5 Sandbag Burpees, run up the drive, touch the fence post and back
10 Pull-ups, then one lap around the football field.

That’s one cycle, do as many as cycles as you can in ~45 minutes. You against you – you’ll get as much out of it as you put into it.

Finish up with more stretching led by Deuce. No time left for Mary, but just enought time for 25 more Merkins in Solo Cup’s honor.


1. Nice work today. This was very much inspired by Isotope’s “Vern” as well as another workout Escalade did a while back. I believe most got in 5 cycles, which equates to 100 CDDs, 100 Reverse Crunches, 100 Merkins, 75 Jump Squats, 25 Sandbag Burpees, 50 Pull-ups and approx 1.5 miles. Add in another mile or so for the warm-up mosey down to the playground and back to the parking lot.
2. Kotters to Clapper, who’s now fully recovered from (I believe) a broken rib. He definitely came back strong, leading the entire pax.
3. Tclaps to Neon Kicks for taking us out. Definitely not a shy 2.0. And I’m sure he meant wealth of mind, body and soul. Or something like that.
4. Picking up the #six took on a new meaning as Solo Cup and I tried to circle back and join the last runner….couldn’t catch him so we became the #Six.
5. Great time as always at coffeeteria.

Pax tibi,

5 thoughts on “You vs. You….and everyone else present

  1. Riptide

    Just to clarify – Starsky did the bull run but not the beatdown? Did he make coffee? Is this a 1/4 or 3/4 Starsky or other? Can I get a ruling? Sorry to leave you hanging Gamma – out of town also.

    1. Bull2

      @Gamma and @Starsky- good work on the run. Way to show up and follow through.

      As far as a ruling on the “Starsky” activity that has been reported. This certainly cannot be considered even remotely close to a “Starsky.” Showing up for a OTB run when you are the very last man expected to show…on top of that, you are the only other man to show on that morning – providing the #iron needed to sharpen the other #iron, is deserving nothing less than a solid T-Claps….I don’t care if he went home during the workout and sat by the fire to warm up before heading back out to RRC to hit Coffeeteria…which I am pretty sure did not happen.

  2. Gapper

    Great lead as always. I thought I heard footsteps behind me on that last lap but couldn’t decipher the #mumblechatter. I didn’t start my GPS until we’d already run to our warmup spot and I clocked more than 2.5 miles. Had to be close to 3 miles in all.

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