Free KB Workout Giveaway

9 strong Harrisburg F3 men beat the Black Friday rush. As a reward for being the first 9 to enter the Stallings Road Park parking lot, they received a Free KB Workout (an outstanding deal by any measure). It was not without a little pain, but all are now a little stronger for it. It went something like this:

Warmup (in cadence): SSH x10, IST x10, Windmill x10, Alt Lunges x10, Merkins x10, Downward dog w/ calf stretches.

The Thang:

Each KB movement advanced PAX forward one parking slot. Each travel movement went 5 parking spaces forward, was met with 5 burpies, and went 5 parking spaces back.

  • Round 1: Halo x10, Drop Anchor Squat x10, Hammer Curls x10, Calf Raises (toes forward) x10, Military Shoulder Press x10, Upright Lateral Mtn Climbers to/from w/ 5 burpies
  • Round 2: Single Arm KB Swings x10, Alt Lunge Step Back x10, Reverse grip curls x10, Calf Raises (toes pointing inward) x10, Arnold Shoulder Press x10, Lateral High Knees to/from w/ 5 burpies
  • Round 3: Both Arm KB Swings x10, Alt Lunge Step Forward x10, Overhead Tricep Ext x10, Calf Raises (toes pointing out) x10, Plank jump back w/ upright row x10, Lateral Low Squat Walk to/from w/ 5 burpies
  • Round 4: Sling Shot x10, Squat Jump Rotation x5, Two Hand Chest Press x25, Dead Lift to Upright Row x10, Merkin w/ KB grip (alternating w/ Plank Walk) x10, Lateral Squat Walk to/from w/ 5 burpies
  • Round 5: Figure Eight x10, Double side squats x5, One Arm Bridge Chest Press (leg up alternative) x10, One arm squat & kick x10, Bent Over Row x10, Bear Crawl to/from w/ 5 burpies
  • Farmer walk back to Mary

Mary (KB’s mandatory):

  • Standing Side Crunch x10
  • Press it up – Full sit-up w/ Press to the Sky
  • KB Plank Hold (both hands on kb) x 45 sec
  • LBC w/ Chest Press at top x15


  1. It was an honor to lead this morning gentlemen. Loved the mumble chatter. Very strong effort by all! 9 strong at 5:30 on the day after Thanksgiving is impressive.
  2. Thanks for hanging with the new exercises. Workout was 25 unique KB movements (Mary not included), which prompted RibShack to mention something about YHC and R&D. Variety is the spice of life.
  3. TClaps to those running between the 5:30 and 7:00 workouts and doubling down.
  4. Third F – Holidays are a wonderful time for many. For others it can be some of the darkest times. If you can brighten someone’s day, do it. Something as simple as a smile or hello. Special prayers for Michele, Ryan, Reid, & Rhett Hoyt who lost Todd Hoyt (F3’er) earlier this year.


4 thoughts on “Free KB Workout Giveaway

  1. Clueless Post author

    Great showing and solid effort this morning folks. I know this helped me shake a little bit of the Thanksgiving overindulgence off.

  2. escalade

    By the looks on everyones face when I arrived, really glad I chose to go to only one workout today. Great lead Clueless.

  3. Gamma

    Great workout, @Clueless. Definitely some new exercises that will have to be repeated, and some that won’t…

  4. RibShack

    Now that I finally found this one…………..good lead there @Clueless! Was one of the more interesting ones lately……didn’t know what was coming next. Will definitely borrow an exercise or three. My “bookmark” on my browser only includes tags of Harrisburg; that’s why I never saw this one. Thanks for sending it!

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