Black Friday for 3 Amigos

0525 @Skipper arrives AO

0528 @Frodo arrives AO

0530 @Skipper starts to badmouth @Chowder for fartsacking after implying that he would post

0531 @Chowder runs in and all is forgiven; let’s get to work

The Black Friday Thang:

– Warm-o-rama (SSH, Windmill, IST)

– Team 3-mile run (Partner 1 run 200m, Partner 2 LBC, Partner 3 Merican)

Rotate each lap until each Partner runs 1 mile each

Completed 3 miles in respectable 16:39 (no records broken today, but a nice pace)

– Frodo’s lines x 3 (bus lot loop with sprint, bunny hops, fast feet, forward/backward lines)

– B-ball hoop suicide

– Mosey to COT


1. With 2 minutes until launch and no one around was YHC excited to see the @Frodo mobile enter the lot?  #temptingreturntosack

2. @Chowder is a man of his word, even though he really didn’t HC yesterday #wordsmith. He is also a man who finishes what he starts.

3. A chilly, but enjoyable way to burn off yesterday’s gluttony.  YHC greatly enjoyed the 2nd F and push from 2 fast #Highlanders!

4. YHC is thankful for many things in my life and F3 is definitely near the top of the list!