Working up an appetite

Lots of hungry men posted on a perfect Thanksgiving morning with an appetite for fellowship and looking to build a caloric deficit bank for the afternoon. Here’s how we made room for turkey and dressing:

COP Warm-o-rama:
– Merkins
– Monkey Humpers

Mosey to Little Baby Hill for Ladder of 7s (6 to 1):
– One legged hop up (alternate legs each trip up)
– Burpees at the top (6 to 1)
– Forward Bearcrawl down
– CDD at the bottom (1 to 6)
– Rinse and repeat

Indian Run up Hill to Fence Rails

Merkin Ladder
– 10 Merkins on bottom rail; 10 LBCs
– 8 Merkins on middle rail; 8 LBCs
– 6 Merkins on top rail; 6 LBCs
– 10 Merkins on middle rail; 10 LBCs
– 12 Merkins on bottom rail; 12 LBCs

Indian Run to Parking Lot

Partner up for 2 man Grinder
– P1 completes Air Squats
– P2 runs to end of parking lot and back
– Flap jack positions and repeat
– Each partner completes 3 rounds

Mosey to pathway
– Lunges to tree
– Crab walk to the light pole
– Bunny hop to the tree

Partner up at the shelter
– P1 is in people chair
– P2 completes 10 jump ups and 10 Incline Merkins
– Flap jack positions and repeat
– 4 rounds

Mosey down path
– Right leg hop to crack in path
– Left leg hop to end of path

Mosey to Big Ole Hill
– Quadraphelia up hill
– Squat jumps x 10 at top
– Run down hill
– Merkins x 10 at the bottom
– 4 rounds

Mosey to parking lot
– Partner throw downs x 15
– Partner decline merkins x 15 (2 sets)
– Pretzel crunch x 19 each leg

COT and BOM (Thanks for taking us out @Alcatraz)

– Coffeeteria at Dilworth Coffee immediately after

– Great to have several FNGs out with us earing their nicknames today. Welcome and hope you all will be able to join us again.
– Tclaps to our double-downers @Skipper, @The_Farm, @BOS, our seasonally-named (#likeaStarbucksdrink) LIFO (ask him why) @TurkeyStrip, and ???@Major_Pain??? (an early sad-clown solo post?)
Good work by everyone today – you earned that extra helping and the recliner later.


2 thoughts on “Working up an appetite

  1. The Farm

    Great workout! I was starving when I got home! Also, I’m wondering what @TurkeyStrip’s Christmas name will be.

  2. Skipper

    Ahoy! Thanks for your Q and continued leadership @Chowder and @Col Mustard. A fun morning that made the turkey, pie, and nap that much more satisfying!

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