Cant wait to hear all these excuses…….

2 men posted for the cruise.  1 man posted for t Iron Fist.  Yes, it was raining, No it was not cold, Yes the puddles were freezing!!

It was coming down hard as I sat in my truck, in the parking lot all alone at 5:20am.  At 5:25am Magma rolled in and jumped in my truck.  We discussed going home, but both new that was not going to happen.  At 5:27am Raptor pulled in and we knew there was only one decision to make…..Cruise or Iron Fist.  I was going to cruise no matter what, needed to test out my foot.  Raptor was there to run.  Magma decided to do Iron Fist alone.

So off we went, Raptor and I got about 1/2 a mile into the run when we hear someone yelling at us through the rain.  Here came Magma!!  He decided a run with friends was better than a fist all alone(Take that how you will).

The goal this morning was to get the Couch to 5k guys running a full 5k!  Raptor, proud of you buddy!  Would’ve been real easy not to show today.  But instead you posted and you knocked out a 5k!!  TClapps!

Unfortunately Magmas foot injury flared up again and he had to drop out.  Rest up brother!  Get that ice on you foot.


  1. It was wet……
  2. Not much too report other than the multitude of fartsackers this morning!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  4. Thursday workouts = 5:30 at Tradition, 7:00 at Mallard Creek Park, No workout at The Precinct

11 thoughts on “Cant wait to hear all these excuses…….

  1. Dingo Post author

    It was hard to post this morning, but I knew the sense of achievement would last longer than the wet!

    I challenge each of you to try a workout in the rain!! Its a lot of fun!

    Don’t let the winter weather keep you away.

    Remember, the Q will be there no matter what the conditions. Do you want him to be alone out there?

        1. Gamma

          Couldn’t possibly be that anyone’s afraid of the weather, so I’m blaming it on questions over a Gamma-led Road Warrior. “Uh, did he know it’s a running workout when he signed up to Q?”

        2. Dingo Post author

          Is there any other choice Chowder? You taught me well in Highlands! Everyday is an opportunity to get stronger!

    1. Dingo Post author

      There goes that #JellyLube again……I’l bet you $1000 your M did not post this morning.

      Also, gotta get #JellyLube added to the lexicon 🙂

  2. The Farm

    Sorry gents. Decided to smart sack this am. The muscles aren’t gonna grow if I don’t rest them! Besides, I wanted to make sure I’m ready to post at Icecles’ Virgin Q tomorrow morning!

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