A Q and his bell

What a way to complete his virgin Q.  YHC showed up in the gloom this morning to find that everyone but him Fartsacked.  Thanks PAX.  So with that said he got after it alone.

Warm Up

SSH x15
Cotton PIcker x10
Arm Circles


1 Burpee
10 Squat Press
2 Burpees
10 Lawn Mower Pulls (each arm)
3 Burpees
20 Curls
4 Burpees
20 KB Swings
5 Burpees
10 Goblet Squats
6 Burpees
20 Skull Crushers
7 Burpees
20 Upright Rows
8 Burpess
10 Clean and Press (each arm)
9 Burpess
15 Mason Twist w/ KB
10 Burpees


LBC x 15
Pretzel Crunch x 10 (each side)
Low Flutter x 15
Low Dolly x 15

16 thoughts on “A Q and his bell

  1. MrBelding

    Grizz- sorry I missed the virgin q. This is a great workout and I’m impressed you still knocked it out!

  2. Dingo

    Hey brother!! I was Qing a mini q school at selling Stone this morning.

    Thanks for stepping up!!

    Come on guys!! It ain’t that cold!

  3. Trail Mix

    Yeah, nice job still knocking it out on your own… The question is, did you still call out the cadence??

  4. Colonel Mustard

    Teaching moment here for @Tradition. If a virgin Q will be leading, another sesoned Q will need to be accountable for being there also. #lessonlearned

  5. Maximus_MECA

    That’s not ez Gentle Grizzly. Great workout, picture, write-up and attitude! I had an early am meeting scheduled so sorry I was not able to make it.

  6. GentleGrizzly Post author

    I did not count out loud. I did use cadence to help me keep up with my reps though. It was a quiet morning, but I still got my workout in.

  7. Kato

    T-claps @Gentle Grizzly. A virgin Q is tough enough. Pushing through it on your own is another level (I’ll only do burpees when I’m making others do them.) Looks like a great workout….and you definitely had a great attitude.

    I’d like to post at your VQ V2. When are you up again?

    1. Buckwheat

      Sorry I missed this one too. Bummer everyone else let you down too! For the record, I wasn’t fartsacking, I had to be at work at 0600. Will definitely make your VQ2 beatdown. Awesome pic and way to get after it OYO. That’s not easy!!!

  8. Skipper

    Nice joke #Tradition pax!

    jk @Grizzly, that’s an unfortunate event. T-Claps for staying and beating yourself down (that doesn’t sound right). #stronger

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