WIB Week Final

WIB Week had it right all along. We don’t need some committee. We settle this on the field. 37 PAX posted in the parking lot of Stonebridge to settle the score for the second half of WIB Week with the running of Old Glory. What be WIB Week? It be this here. And today be Old Glory. Here how it be:

The Thang – Old Glory
Starting from the Shovel Flag:

  • Run down to office park, around all the buildings and back (1.0mile)
    • Front right corner of church: 20 Mericans – then AYG to…
    • Back right corner of church: 20 Jump Squats – then AYG to…
    • Pull up bars: 10 Pull Ups – then AYG to…
    • Sidewalk: 20 WWII Sit-ups – then AYG to…
    • The Shovel Flag: Touch flag for a complete round
    • Rinse and repeat circuit around the church until 0600 (30 mins) when you hear the air horn
    • Remember your # of complete rounds and partial round reps when the air horn sounds
  • Gather at the Shovel Flag for a 1 mile group run behind the flag to the business park and back
  • Placement by most rounds and additional reps completed within 30:00 minutes (at the air horn
  • Report your completed rounds and reps (for partial rounds) on the scoring sheet upon return


– #SoleRedemption – get your shoes in now! If you haven’t given shoes, go buy some at Goodwill/Academy or else @Pharaoh will hunt you down.
– Tradition on Tap – 7pm tonight at Carolina Ale House (don’t post next Thursday – you’ll be all alone and your Thanksgiving Day guests will be jealous)
– Helmet Stickers – @Dingo, @Nanny and @Frodo for some solid 13.1 performances; way to rep the region #MeCaStrong

Nekkidman Moleskin
– I guess you wanna know the final score, eh? Check it here.
– Tradition closed the gap a bit on the total score, but Highlands posted more PAX on Tradition’s home turf. Whaaaat??!!
– @Winnebago once again goes fashion forward with his “wearing o’ the jorts.”
– What, still no @Skipper? I guess it didn’t matter where he stated his allegiance

11 thoughts on “WIB Week Final

  1. Dingo

    TCLAPS Highlands! You’ve got some absolute machines in your pax! Proof that El Dorado will make you stronger!!

  2. Colonel Mustard

    Thanks for hosting your @F3Highlands brothers this morning.

    You guys need a little help with logistics as @ForgottenJelly made me plant my shovel flag where I didn’t want to and made me move my car where I didn’t want to. Plus there was no breakfast, I thought @F3Tradiion was all about hospitality… oh that’s right only @Dread and @OBT get that. I sound like @Gump now.

    Enjoyed the WIB week, hope we can continue this in the future to show the new guys what F3 is all about.

    T-Claps to @Dingo and @Chowder for throwing this together and getting all of the PAX in the right place.

    Today’s theme: Chasing @Chowder

    1. Dingo

      Aye! Couple things…..

      1. Never listen to forgotten jelly

      2. Tradition On Toast – Third Friday of every month! Come join us!

      3. You really were sound ing like Gump

  3. The Nanny

    @Chowder @Dingo I echo Col Mustard and say “well done” to you two guys for making #WIBWeek happen. A fun way to mix things up a bit.

    I know I was impressed with a number of Tradition pax as I am sure they were motivated by some Highlanders. Use it as #firewood and come stoke the fire at El Dorado. There is no better training ground for getting better in MECA.

    @Chowder And can I just say…#respect for that showing today brother. You weren’t blowing chunks b/c you are out of shape – you were blowing chunks b/c you had the fortitude to dig deep and push your body beyond the red zone to extract maximum performance. I don’t know if I have it in me to go that hard dude. You da man.

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    I enjoyed this week a lot. Great to see everyone and great way to test ourselves! Well done to all of the PAX. T-claps to chowder for today. Impressive performance brother. Set the bar high.

  5. Google

    Well Done.. I had a blast this week!! T-Claps to @Dingo @Chowder for putting it together. We need to make this happen again.. Once a quarter? End of they year AO champion get’s a trophy?

  6. The Farm

    That was a lot of fun this morning. It was good seeing some familiar faces as well as some unfamiliar ones. As Chowder was saying “excuse me” while blowing by the rest of us on that first mile, I thought, “What do I (30 something) need to do to get on his level (40 something)?” Then I realized the answer is to keep showing up. Thanks for the inspiration brothers. Let’s do it again (in May when it’s WARM). That cold air was serious this AM.

  7. Winnebago

    @Chowder @Dingo I was a part of the initial Twitter fight that spawned this. This was a fantastic dual post. The #’s that traveled to the opposite AO was beyond my expectations. This friendly #Kompetition invigorated me to post where I have been seriously struggling with any desire or motivation. Both days were a a battle mentally as the YOU vs YOU always makes you dig deep if you were doing right. As always I was most inspired by those at the 6 than those upfront as that is where the heart of the PAX is shown. I truly enjoyed these 2 days and will look forward to doing this again. I know that experience was certainly on the side of @Highlands, there is no substitute especially for Grinder. It showed this morning at Old Glory where there was experience on the side of @Trdition and showed in the standings.

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