Broga, Legs, and Chest (JV)

8 Dedicated PAX came together for a recycled workout. It went a little like this:


  1. Knees to Hands (Law Dawg calls this running in place)
  2. SSH X 15 4CIC
  3. Windmills X 15 4CIC
  4. A bunch of arm circles

Yoga (Awkward)

  1. Chaturunga
  2. Upward Dog
  3. Downward Dog
  4. Runner’s Pose
  5. Warrior 1
  6. Warrior 2
  7. Reverse Warrior

Mosey to Rock Pile to Grab a two-handed Rock


  1. Merkins X 15 4CIC
  2. Bell Lunges X 15 each leg
  3. Calf Raise Squat with Bell X 25
  4. Merkins X 15 4CIC
  5. Speed Skaters X 25 each leg
  6. Step Back Lunges with Bell X 15 each leg
  7. Merkins X 15 4CIC
  8. Side Step Lunges X 15 each leg
  9. Dead Lift Squats X 20 each leg
  10. Merkins X 15 4CIC
  11. Three Way Lunge X 18 each leg
  12. Sneaky Lunge X 24 on toes
  13. Merkins X 15 4CIC
  14. Yoga Chair Salutations 2 X 30 seconds
  15. 3 Way Calf Raises with Bell X 25 (15 slow 10 fast) Toes out, Toes parallel, Toes in
  16. Merkins X 15 4CIC
  17. 80/20 Speed Squat X 30 each leg
  18. Jump Squats X 25


1. Great effort put in by the whole PAX. Appreciate everyone taking their best shot at the Yoga poses. Awkward, for sure, but it will pay dividends if you try it now and again.

2. We need to EH our missing PAX. When I was out on the IR, a text, email, or phone call to me was a big deal and the reason I’m back out at F3.

3. RSVP for the Holiday party to be held on 12/13. Spouses/guests are welcome.

4. Q-School tomorrow at 5:30. Come out to hear about F3’s history and to learn how to properly lead a workout.

5. Murph on Monday at 5:30 at the Highlands Sports Club. Everyone should post for this one.


8 thoughts on “Broga, Legs, and Chest (JV)

  1. Schnitzel

    @Kato – very good, as always. Thanks. The casual reader probably doesn’t grasp the intensity of #12 (Sneaky Lunge X 24 on toes), if that’s the one accompanied by kicking threats. Seemed a lot more than 24, but I was counting stars. Anyone willing to admit their heals touched at least once?

    @Pax – my youngest son (3 years old) is having surgery, having a cyst removed from his neck, Friday morning (rain check on Q school). Keep him in your prayers, its not serious, but any surgery has risks…

    1. Kato Post author

      Absolutely, we’ll keep him in our prayers tonight and tomorrow. What’s his name? I’m sure God will know who I’m talking about when I say “Schnitzel’s son” but my wife may give me a look.

  2. Kato Post author

    @PAX: You guys made me proud this morning by:
    1: Being willing to try something new (as if you had a choice)
    2: Everyone who led the mericans had a choice to go with between 10 and 15 4CIC. Everyone chose the latter, at 30 reps each. #redpill

    1. WaterBoy

      Thanks Kato. Counting actually made it easier. Crazy right? My heels touched a couple of times on the sneaky. Great workout as always.

    1. WaterBoy

      @kato I’m feeling it a bit. We did some stretching at q school that helped but the extra squats this. Morning maybe contributing to the soreness. It’s a good sore though.

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