The Usual

Just your usual cruise… 17 degrees, 5 Pax, ~4 miles, 2 LIFOs, 0 Qs. So YHC jumps in to take the reigns with an assist from Google for Mary. Here’s the dealio (not terribly exciting; totally suitable for work):
– Easy recovery pace, especially since 3/5ths had run TR in some form or fashion
– Head toward front entrance, but take a right up hill to Street St., right on Ridge, right on Shelley
– Left on HC Parkway and follow the Run the Creek 5k course

Mary (Google was itching for some core work, so he jumps in):
– Low Flutter x 25 IC
– Pretzel Crunch Left x 15 IC
– Pretzel Crunch Right x 14 IC (yup x 14)
– Pretzel Crunch Right x 1 IC
– Low Dolly x 25 IC
– LBC x 20 IC


– #SoleRedemption – last week! Get your shoes in to @Snare
– No regular Thursday bootcamp tomorrow – converge at Tradition instead for part two of WIB Week
– Hump Day Happy Hour: 8pm tonight at Pippa’s
– Helmet Stickers to Shazam for his 26.2 and Glock for his sub 2 hour 13.1 this weekend

Naked Moleskin
– Low PAX numbers today. After last week was hoping to out number the temp this a.m. but not even close (though the temp tried its best to get low); Not sure if it’s TR Recovery, the cold or WIB Week performance optimization, but hope we’ll get back up to double digit PAX participation next week and throughout the winter months. These months are key for building a decent distance base (especially if you’re “not a runner”) in preparation for mudruns and other CSAUP activities.
– Fun to hear @Shazam’s recounting of his TR marathon race day; great accomplishment brother!
– So we’re in the middle of Mary and I hear “two more, two more.” Thought it was words of encouragement (which was odd as we were in the middle of a set; do I look like I’m struggling that much??!!) at first, only to have @Bling and @J-Lo roll in just in time for Low Dolly and LBC. Welcome LIFOs! Bling blamed their late arrival on having to do his hair and apply Axe body spray.
– We got some HCs from the PAX for ThunderRoad next year?

3 thoughts on “The Usual

  1. Shazam

    Thanks for taking the lead Chowder. Good #2ndF this morning amongst the Eskimos. I think I heard Google HC for at least the TR half next year and I think we all know Glock is gonna take the red pill and go full.

  2. Google

    Nice smooth cruise among the frozen Highland tundra… Thanks for stepping up to Q your third post in a row Chowder!

    Great pace for some quality F2.. It was great to hear Shazaams recount of TR.

    I am in next year for the TR half next year. If I am feeling froggy I am might opt for the full.

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