1-8-7 on the Upperbody!

Six poor souls exited the fartsack and braved the 18 degree start-time temperature for a Forgotten Jelly inspired upperbody beatdown incorporating a taste of Buckwheat’s last few months at work.  YHC has been dealing with a rash of homicides on his caseload and decided to take his stress out on the upperbodies of the Pax, 1-8-7 style.  The Pax didn’t know what 1-8-7 stood for, so YHC explained that 1-8-7 is the symbol for murder on the streets (from Section 187 of the California Penal System).  How fitting that the temperature this morning was 18 degrees.  Uppercut, fresh across the pond from England, stated “it wasn’t this cold in England last week.”  YHC did his best to keep the Pax warm.  Things went a little something like this….


Mosey to the outback

– SSH x 15
– Windmill x 15
– Cotton Picker x 15
– Arm Circles
– Shoulder Stretch

Grab a Cinderblock

The Thang

Exercise Group 1: Arms (3 sets- 11, 18, 17 reps)

– CB Curls (2 handed)
– Dips (On Bars or Picnic Tables)
– CB Curl and Press

– Low flutter x 20 between sets 1 & 2
– Low dolly x 20 between sets 2 & 3


1 CB Burpee

Exercise Group 2: Shoulders (3 sets- 11, 18, 17)

– CB Shoulder Press
– CB Upright rows
– CB Shrugs

– LBC’s x 20 between sets 1 & 2
– The Squirm x 20 between sets 2 & 3


8 CB Burpees

Exercise Group 3: Chest & Back (3 sets- 11, 18, 17)

– Merkins (First Set CB Merkins; regular merkins on last two sets)
– Bent Row w/ CB (each arm)
– CB Chest Press

– Dying Cockroach (Kemosabe’s Idea) x 20 between sets 1 & 2
– Pretzel Crunch (Uppercut’s Idea) x 10 each side, between sets 2 & 3


7 CB Burpees


No Time for MARY



1) Pleasure leading you guys this morning.  Thanks for showing up on this super cold morning and putting in work!

2) T-claps to Uppercut who showed up with fingerless gloves and toughed it out working with frozen cinderblocks throughout the workout.

3) While the rest of us were complaining about how cold our hands were, Gentile Grizzly was praising his new Mechanix “Winter Armour” Gloves ($25 at Lowe’s).  Sounds well worth the investment, I will be making a trip to Lowe’s, for sure!

4) Icicle must’ve thawed out as he had to leave early, around 0600.

5) Great work this morning, men!

5 thoughts on “1-8-7 on the Upperbody!

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Sounds like a great workout Buckwheat. I almost came, but I have to admit, the warmth of my bed was just too tempting. Sorry I missed it.

  2. Kemosabe

    Great workout Buckwheat, my shoulders are killing me. Thanks again for keeping my form in check while I was doing the shoulder shrugs with the cylinder blocks. My form and cadence was all jacked up on that one :). Take care, and I hope all you guys have a great day!

  3. Hammer

    Its so easy to turn into a fartsackopotomus when you’ve been away for a while…sorry I missed the beatdown buckwheat, but the thought about coming was there and thats all that counts right? I am slowly returning to the mix boys….watch out!

    1. Buckwheat Post author

      I have to admit, had I not been the Q today, I may have stayed in the fartsack myself. Glad I didn’t though!

      Glad to hear you’re on the mend @Hammer. It’ll be good to have the guy who EH’d me back out there!

      @Kemosabe no worries on form. We all need help from the form police every once in a while. Where’s Major Pain when you need him???

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