Monkey in the Middle

“Monkey in the Middle”

The Thang:

Warm Up:

SSH x 25

Merkins x 25 in cadence

Burpees on Steroids up to 10

Mosey down to lower parking lot to start the “Monkey”

“Monkey” Station: Round 1: SSH, Round 2: Vertical Waves, Round 3: Horizontal Waves

Station 1: (Jump Rope): Round 1: SU’s, Round 2: DU’s

Station 2: (Tire): Round 1: Plank Drags, Round 2: Merkin Roll Overs

Station 3: (Bands): Round 1: Squats, Round 2: Step Touch

Station 4: Round 1: Jump Squats, Round 2: Mt. Climbers

Station 5: Round 1: Merkins, Round 2: High Knees

Station 6: Round 1: Downhill Ski, Round 2: SSH

Station 7: Round 1: Hold Plank, Round 2: Iron Cross

Station 8: Round 1: Figure 4’s Crunches, Round 2: Dive Bombers

Station 9: Round 1: Right Arm Merkins on side, Round 2: Left Arm Merkins on side

Station 10: Round 1: 2 Point Extension Planks, Round 2: Shoulder Taps in Plank

Station 11: Round 1: Homer to Marge, Round 2: Bicycle Mason Twists

Station 12: Round 1: Elbow Plank with a Twist, Round 2: Squats with Alternating Front Kicks

Did 1 more set of Merkins for the JV Team, 25 x in cadence, so JV Team should have 100 plus what they did in the stations. Varsity Team = 0!

Stretched at the end.

4 thoughts on “Monkey in the Middle

  1. Kato

    @Mattress King: Looks like a great workout. I had clothes packed and alarm set but had to put some family stuff first when the morning came. Hated to miss it and I’m looking forward to your next workout.

    @Pax: T-claps for posting on a cold morning. If not already, you’ll get used to the cold soon. There’s a number of missing PAX. Hopefully Eggplant and PB will be off the IR soon.

  2. Schnitzel

    @mattressking – nicely done, and hats off for the prep work, well I’ll keep my hat on due to the temperature. Nothing warms you up better than dragging a tire across the road with the tops of your feet.

    @quiddich – glad to have you back, scarred hands and all.

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