22 F at post time.  Winds from N at 3.  5 PAX dared to post.


Mosey to Carolina MALL lot


Slap jacks x 20 (IC)

ISTs x 20 (IC)

Jump Squats x 15

Reverse Indian Run around light poles (1 complete cycle for all PAX)

Mosey back to AO grabbing 30 lb gravel bag and end at upper lot near mulch pile in a rising sun.


TABATA; 20 sec max effort/10 sec recovery; RINSE AND REPEATO FOR 8 cycles. 4 MINUTES

1. MAN MAKERS with GRAVEL BAG- 8 cycles

At completion run with gravel bag on shoulder south to RIVER BRIDGE half way to NE. Turn around and run back the gravel bag held over head.

2. MT CLIMBERS – 8 cycles

At completion run with gravel bag on shoulder to REHAB CENTER. Run back to upper lot with bag over head and arms extended.

3. CURLS – 8 cycles

At completion run with gravel bag to driveway of nursing home. Run back to upper lot with bag over head and arms extended.

Mosey to MARY with bags


Core Killers x 10

Homer to Marge with low flutter x 10

Side crunches 10 R/ 10 L


1. Cold beautiful morning but PAX rapidly warmed up with only complaints of cold coming from tips of dey fangers.

2. Reverse Indian Run is always a good thing when it cold.

3. Cujo stands on Virtual Podium as strongest PAX this day smoking other PAX during gravel bag run.  Total mileage was over 2 miles this AM. This may be bc Cujo sleeps in the buff to gain power. Maybe he needs PAX to buy him some PJs for xmas?

4. Sunrise was beautiful and helped PAX stay warm during the TABATA. Should be a rule that on cold days we search for the sun.

5. Q is sore at time of this POST and thanks all PAX for 100% effort. Thank you also  for allowing me to lead.

6. 22 pairs of tennis shoes from our PAX given this weekend for homeless this winter.  Strong work. Stay tuned for another project to help those in need this holiday season from our PAX.

That is all

Carry on