YouTube Recommended it…I promise

14 men faced the gloom head-on this AM. After many late nights searching the internet for some new “great” workout ideas, YHC found the YouTube workout utopia. So YHC proceeded to steal the kids’ iPod, download the tabata timer and introduced the PAX to these hidden treasures. Here’s how it went.

WARM-UP (x = cadence):
Mosey w/high knees, karaoke, butt kickers
SSH x 20
Windmill x 10
Prisoner Squat x 10
Plank Jack x 15
Mtn Climber x 10
Alt Lunges x 10
Prison Merkin 10 OYO
Mosey to field

Progress Pix Workout 1 (gotta show to know)
Burpees w/ Mtn climber – 5/30 sec rounds, 15 sec rest
(Start the burpee, do the merkin, then go right into the 2 mtn climbers (L&R=1), jump up – repeato for 30 secs)

Progress Pix Workout 2 (again, gotta show to know)
5 min Cardio (30 secs each exercise, NO REST)

  1. Mtn climber
  2. Merkins
  3. Double pump jump squat
  4. Burpees
  5. High knees
  6. Spiderman
  7. Jump squat
  8. Wide merkins
  9. Jumping lunges
  10. Mtn climber

The “M100”
After confirming with the PAX that no one had heard or done this before (wonder why?), the PAX proceeded with the M100 + a mosey after each round.

10 Burpees, 10 Mtn climbers, 10 Double pump jump squats
Mosey (~50 yards) to other end of parking lot, repeato 10x (not gonna happen) make it 5x
*Audible* After 5th set switch and do 10 Merkins, 10 LBCs, 10 Air Squats, repeato 3x

a lil…MARY (x = cadence):
LBC x 10
W x 10
Crunch Frog x 10



  • Ouch, feeling it already. YHC actually hates burpees, should of left this workout for @Banjo Boy or @Gapper. Too bad neither showed to experience the joy.
  • Really nice job by the PAX to push through all this. YHC was trying to plan a tough one, wanted to push us. Just didn’t realize how hard it would be.
  • Unfortunately, YHC can’t keep track of what round he’s on when each round includes multiple exercises. Fortunately for the PAX, adding a parking lot mosey after each round solves the problem. Sounds like a win-win, right?
  • YHC knows the whole PAX is eager to see the actual YouTube videos with the shirtless, chiseled men performing every one of these exercises without wincing. Sound off below if you want ’em. There are plenty more.
  • Some of the numbers from this AM (+/-):
    • 210 Mtn climbers
    • 130 Air squats/jump squats/double pump squats
    • 110 Merkins/wide merkins (just merkins, not the merkin w/the burpee)
    • 100 Burpees

12 thoughts on “YouTube Recommended it…I promise

  1. BBQ Post author

    Again, nice job everyone. Sorry for having to cut Mary short. Looked at the watch and realized we only had 5 min left. I’ll make up for it at my next Q.

    Reminders: Hit up your friends, neighbors, family for #SoleRedemption. Nov 22nd is the deadline. Also, @SoloCup needs more burprees – only did 6 today. Bring in the pounds for the food pantry.

  2. RibShack

    @BBQ- great lead, loved the variety. Yeah, Mary snuck up on me too. I swear we had more time on the clock……..for ONCE in my F3 life I was wrong about my perception of time left, normally it’s the proverbial 60 minutes to coffee every time, even on 45 min posts!!

  3. SoloCup

    Great lead, one of the best posts I’ve been too in a long time…correction, the audible happened after the 6th round in the M100 (don’t want to short change ourselves)

  4. RibShack

    @Rooster- how the heck you did all that with your knees I’ll never know..I was complaining to myself about mine but when I saw you busting it all out like it was nothing it was definitely a shot in the arm. Good job man!

  5. Spicoli

    *sniff* that workout. It looks… *sniff* beautiful! Can’t wait to unless on #DashStrong PAX. 🙂

    thank you, kind sir. thank you.

    BTW, are Prison Merkins like a normal merkin only a partner stands uncomfortably close to you? I am assuming, due to the weather, pants are on during the whole exercise.

      1. Spicoli

        Excellent! and much less risque than what I was thinking… Gotta remember the 3rd F.

        And I second @RibShack’s suggestion of guest instructors. Good motivation.

  6. Gamma

    Wow..wish I could have been there…..I think.

    @BBQ, way to keep raising the bar. You are making the whole pax stronger and we appreciate it more than you know, even when we’re gasping for enough air to tell you we hate you!

    1. BBQ Post author

      @Gamma – don’t worry, @Tumbler and others provided the much anticipated mumble chatter this AM. Been a year since my first post and all the hates never get old.

  7. Clueless

    That was a fun time @BBQ! Thanks for the solid lead once again!

    @Constitution – nice callback to calling the ‘Wide Merkins’ the ‘Larry Craigs’ for the “wide stance”… had me cracking up

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