The modified Chelsea and a little extra fun…

7 men enjoyed the relative warmth of the 50 degree morning and headed into the gloom for a little beatdown.

The thang:

Warmup jog to the Chuck Norris memorial alcove.

SSH x 15

Cotton Picker x 15

Get after the (modified) Chelsea

1 minute to complete 5 dips, 10 merkins, 15 air squats

Repeato x 30

Still at the alcove

LCB x 50 OYO

Squirm x 50 OYO

Homer to marge medley (a little low dolly for fun)

Mosey back to the front lot.

Green Sally Up for arm extensions

Iron Cross


1. Enjoyed it gentlemen. The Chelsea is a solid workout and you all busted through it.

2. Remember sole redemption.

3. Stay tuned for a running plan. We may start with a couch to 5k type program. We need to get Whatley running so his knees feel better.

4. Mallard Creek is likely to be light on Saturday due to Thunder Road but post anyway. It’s a great time.

8 thoughts on “The modified Chelsea and a little extra fun…

  1. Kato

    Sorry to miss guys…..I got a flu shot the other day that kicked my butt. I’ll see you out again on Tuesday.

  2. Mattress King

    @Law Dawg enjoyed the workout, always enjoy some crossfit.
    @Kato you probably won’t want to show up Tuesday, just saying.

    1. Kato

      So….seriously. If you bring out the one-armed-burpees again, you’ll learn what a #Refusenik is. I’m game for anything else.

  3. The Nanny

    @LawDawg Thanks for taking my Q this morning. Poor planning on my part in that I forgot about the importance of tapering thurs/fri for Thunder Road. Looks like a good one this morning.

  4. Schnitzel

    @LawDawg – very good, not sure Busted is the right word, but managed to stagger through it. Now I get the hold-til-you-drop intensity of the iron cross. Somebody should check if Mattress King is still holding it there. He might need a drink.

    @Kato – I’m with you on the one-armed burpees. I feel my tennis elbow flaring up.

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