Hard Work Warms You Up…

7 of Tradition’s finest gathered for a cool morning Iron Fist workout led by YHC.


The Thang:

Warmup lap through church parking lot

Mosey to Outback


SSH 15x

IST 15x

Merkins 10x

Arm Circles

Everyone grab a cinderblock


Shoulder Press 15x

Cinderblock Burpee (everyone’s favorite!) 15x

Cinderblock Curls 15x

Repeato 2x (12x, 10x)


Head to the pull up bars

Pull ups 10x

Chin ups 10x

30 sec hang


Head to the dip bars

Slow count dips (down for 3, up for 1) 10x



Back to cinderblocks

Cinderblock merkins 10x

Cinderblock squats 10x



Mosey to the church

Peoples chair for 1 min

Balls to the wall for 30 sec

Peoples chair for 1:30 min


Parking lot for Mary

LBC 30x

Squirm 20x

W 20x

Low Dolly 10x

Low Flutter 10x

Pretzel Crunch 10x each side

Homer to Marge



1) Thanks for the opportunity to lead today.  Strong work by all today. I tried throwing in a 10 second rest in between sets to keep us a little fresher.

2) @Grizzly – glad your foot is still feeling better, and hope to have you at full strength soon.

3) Best line of the morning: Striker shows up in full winter gear stating he’s cold.  After first set of cinderblock presses, burpees, and curls, he says “I’m not cold anymore.” Nothing like hard work and sweat to warm you up!

1 thought on “Hard Work Warms You Up…

  1. Maximus_MECA

    Good workout Gangsta! Lots of variety – using the cinder blocks, pull-ups bars, dip bars and side of church for chair and balls to the wall. Enjoyed it!

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