Maneuver and slaughter

9 Pax posted; weather cool and clear in low 40s.


Run from AO to top of NE parking deck via mineshaft on mall side or NW corner

SSH x 20 (IC)

ISTs x 20 (IC)

Little and Big arm circles forward/backward


25 Minute Sweat Test 0540 to 0605 NONSTOP

The battle field is the North end of the 4 story parking deck which makes a loop with 2 stairwells or mineshafts on either end.

At Bottom of First Mineshaft

5 Burpees

Run stairs up to top

10 Merkins (alternate between wide, military, and diamond upon each ascent)

Run to cones

Commence Dragon crawl between cones for 15 meters as enemy fire rages above you

Run to opposite Mineshaft

10 V ups

Down the mineshaft

5 Burpees at bottom

Back up the mineshaft

10 Merkins, then Dragon Crawl, then 10 V ups, then down, then 5 Burpees, then back up…


Run back to AO and MARY


LBC x 20 (IC)

IN/OUTS x 10

Airborn mindbender

Mason twist x 20 (IC)


1. This was a burner.  Grover likey.  Most other PAX not talky. Grover wins virtual podium with 8 cycles completed, KGB and Hipbone were a close second at 7. Then The Total Package.

2. Liger needs a new set of lungs due to a virus.

3. Pre pre sunrise from atop the deck was nice.

4. Thanks to all the PAX that made it out today in honor of those that have served our country to protect our freedoms. If you see a VET today stop and take time to say thank you for what you gave.

Happy Veterans Day to ALL!