1 week until Thunder Road


We are closing in on Thunder Road which is Saturday November 15th. Over 70 PAX have registered in one of the 3 races on tap for the day. 5K, Half Marathon, or the Marathon.

Here are some things to consider:


Probably not the best week to be an FNG at Muthaship, or any other work out. Probably not a great time to dust off the kettle bells and give them a few “swings” in the back yard. Probably not a good week to help a friend move a couch. Be Smart.

It’s ok to run. It’s even ok to run fast. Go with your same intensity but shorter duration–at least until Thursday. #smartsack….get some rest….same for Friday…


At this stage, just do what you are doing. However, I will suggest a couple things that work for me. Beer…lots of beer…is to be avoided. Let’s wait until after the race. Sugar—my nemesis…cut down–skip the dessert….your body will feel great…..

During the race: know where your nutrition stops are. Have a plan and stick with it. Don’t be afraid to slow down and get enough hydration. You cannot cheat on this. If you don’t get enough nutrition or hydration, you will pay. Eat…bring some gels—

    Race Strategy

The course is hilly….this is firmly in the wheelhouse of F3–the hillier the better. We are strong. We cross train. We do burpees, merkins, run up and down parking decks, bear crawl through mud, walking lunges, etc.. Most runners are weak in their core and upper body strength. I know this. I was a runner. Came to Ranger my first week at F3 and felt like reserving a room at Presby afterwards. What does this mean? It means that you are PREPARED! It means that when those hills start to hurt, attack them. Use your arms. On the downside, shorten that stride, lean forward, and increase your pace. You will fly down the hill, increasing speed, while your heart rate drops. It works.

For the marathoners….since this is a dual race alongside the half, you have to be aware that through miles 10-13, people in the race will accelerate, which means that it’s likely that a bunch of people are going to pass you. Do not let it influence you. Do not try to keep up and don’t start thinking that you are doing poorly. Stay with your pace.


Packet Pickup is on Friday at the Convention Center. If anyone is interested, we can meet for lunch on Friday at 1145 at Latta Arcade and then walk over to pick up packets. SOUND OFF IN COMMENTS IF YOU CAN MAKE IT..

    Race Day

We will meet in Romare Bearden Park–Look for the shovel Flag. The Race starts at 0745. I plan to be there by 0700 and start warming up around 0725…Wear your F3 gear. Not only will it will be easier to find each other, but you will be on the receiving end of much encouragement and maybe even a Danish (Easy Rings) while out on the course.

Last…Here is the most recent list of participants. Some names I pulled from the race web site so I don’t have F3 name or projected finish time. If you see someone with a projected finish time, seek them out.

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Looking forward to EVERYONE having a great day!


16 thoughts on “1 week until Thunder Road

  1. Subway

    1) In for 11:45 on Friday lunch. Pick a place.

    2) “Most runners are weak” . . . that hurts.

    3) Nancy Drew and I will be shooting for sub 1:40. This is somewhat aspirational but such is life. We will run 7:45s for the first 6-7 miles and then accelerate like we are leaving the gates of Elon. All are welcome to join, including sandbaggers: Silent Bob, Uncle and Boy Scout. I suspect Laettner will be on our heels or out front as well.

    Peace be with you,

    1. Freeloader Post author

      I updated that sentence. Was referring to core and upper body strength. It may not be obvious, but it matters and the best runners know this.

    2. Uncle

      1) With you on 1:40, hate losing to Nancy Drew in anything.
      2) Can’t make the lunch on Friday.
      3) Agreed on laettner, see #1.
      4) Strong work FreeLoader.

      One week, looking forward to it!

      1. Laettner

        In for the free lunch/pickup. Target finish time is one second ahead of @Uncle, and/or whatever gives me the best view of Muggsy in beast mode.

  2. Slaughter

    I’m in for lunch and packet pickup on Friday. Since you invited I can only assume you will be buying.

  3. Skipper

    Ahoy! Skipper on board for Half (didn’t make your list but running 2nd F pace). Stop by Heartline Foundation booth at Expo/after race. This is charity that myself and 11 other F3 men went to Haiti with this year. Awesome experience and we’re planning again for Sep 2015. Join us!

  4. Critter

    last minute decision to run the half but missed registration – if you know of anyone who signed up cant run, send them my way

  5. The Nanny

    Hope to make it to lunch with @Chowder and some other Highlanders. Planning a Price is Right race and will shoot for a 1:39:59 time in order to get ahead of you 1:40’s! @Frodo and I may line up with the 1:37 pace group and see how it goes.

  6. Freeloader Post author

    1145 French Quarter. They don’t accept reservations but they are holding a table for us. Please be on time.

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