Relay Race

The Thang:

Mosey around the parking lot then to the COP

COP: SSH x 25, Air Squats x 15, short warm up we needed to get to work.

Headed over to the rock garden to get our rocks. Mosey down to trailer.

The Race Begins: 2 Teams race to complete a bowl full of exercises, one sprints to bowl while others hold plank. All must complete the card before the next runner can fetch another card. First team to complete all cards wins.

30 Squirms, 15 Hand Hops on & off rock, 10 Up Down Planks, 20 Wall Sits hold rock overhead, 10 One-Arm Burpees, 10 Muscle Ups, 20 Donkey Kick the Wall, 20 Dips, 30 Freddie Mercury’s, 30 Side Straddle Hops, 20 Reverse Lunges hold rock overhead, 20 Air Squats, 20 Walking Lunges hold rock overhead, 10 Crunchy Frogs, 30 High Knees, 10 Curtsey Lunges curl rock, 25 Reverse Squats, 10 Figure 4 Leg Lifts (5 each leg), 10 Dive Bombers, 30 Forearm Plank Hip Dips, 30 Mason Twists, 20 Apollo Onos, 10 Squat Press rock overhead rotate left then right, 10 Frog Jumps, 30 Mt. Climbers.

Finished up with a round of our girl, “Sally.”¬†Hold long lever arms at shoulder height and lift overhead.

The Moleskin:

This was my virgin Q, thanks for the opportunity, it’s always a pleasure to workout with ya’ll. Hope you enjoyed it, had fun!



10 thoughts on “Relay Race

  1. LawDawg

    @mattress king, awesome first Q. I loved it.

    We need to work that figure 4 thing into Mary. Don’t let me forget it. It’s great to have the professional in the family give us some new exercise ideas.

    We’ve got a great group going. Keep working on your EH’s, when they see the change F3 makes in you and get sick of hearing you guys talk about it, they will come out.

    @Pax, check your schedules for the next two Fridays and let me know on Tuesday which one works better for a mini-Q school.

  2. Ralph Zendejas

    Sounds like a great workout Mattress King! Hate that I missed it.
    Hammy is coming along so I hope to be back out there soon.
    I’m out of town next week but should be back in action the following week.

    @Lawdawg – I’m available the next two Fridays for mini-Q school.

    @Waterboy – I’ve got a few pairs of running shoes for ya. I’ll bring them by before the deadline.

    Miss the workouts – looking forward to getting back

    1. WaterBoy

      Hi Ralph,
      I hope you feel better soon. That is not fun pulling a hammy.
      I am making a drop to Hootie this weekend. Good news is that my trunk is full.

      @Law dawg next Friday is probably the best for me for the Q school.

  3. Kato

    @Mattress King…Great Q….and thanks for having your program the workout for us….very creative. Ditto on the figure 4 exercise/stretch (wasn’t that an old-school wrestling move)? Loved the new “Sally” variation. If we add just a couple more, we could do an “all-Sally” workout.

    @Winnebego….Thanks for coming out today and I’m looking forward to your Q next week. If you’re interested/curious, there’s a couple parts of the AO you didn’t get to see today: A track/football field in the back of the school and a 1mile greenway running alongside the backside.

    I’m good for either Friday for a Q School.

  4. Schnitzel

    @Mattress King – well done, more challenging was the slight breeze blowing the instructions farther away from home base. One of the best parts of F3 is the variations each Q brings – except for one armed burpees.

    @Barney Rubble/@Uggs/@Winnebago/@Quiddich – good job, gang. Good working with you and cracking a few jokes along the way. “Hope there’s no camera out here” was a winner.

    I too am good for a Q school either Friday. I’d consider A Wed run as well.

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