JV vs Varsity MerkVember

10 Highlands faithful dawned the not so rainy gloom and endured the JV vs Varsity challenge to which no varsity members showed up…guess that’s sayin’ somethin’

SSH x15
Mericans x 10
Imperial Strom Troopers x 20
Mericans x 10
Air Squats x 10

Mosey behind ES
Mericans x 20
Dips x 20
Decline Mercicans x 20
Jump ups x 20
Incline Mericans x 20
Lung walk up ramp, run around and crab walk down other side
Repeat x 5

-@PAX great effort by all to complete all sets and be done with your Merkvember down painment for the day…in completing all the sets you sit at 340 mericans…so start banking
-Riddle me this…how do you call yourself Varsity if you skip workouts and only do solo mericans in November? How do you get the 2nd and 3rd F in that? I guess we will see some of you in December…
-@BlackSheep welcome to Merkvember…glad The Nanny talked you into participating…better late then never
-feels really good to know that you are done with your downpainment for the day and I can relax and rest or just add to the bank….
-@Kato made a really good point last night during The Shield that it shouldn’t be called JV and Varsity but Dumb and Dumber…of course the Dumber would be the said Varsity for not counting the mericans from a beatdown…The point is 10k mericans for the month…doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there together
-mental note…really awkward to try and throw a Frisbee after completing so many mericans and even more awkward when people saw it
-did I mention how good it feels to be done with the Merkvember downpainment before 6:15

3 thoughts on “JV vs Varsity MerkVember

  1. Bootstrap Post author

    @PAX or JV great effort by all this morning…no easy task getting all those Mericans completed before 6:15 but hey we are the JV so what else would Varsity expect..at least we are done for the day

    If you are not participating in Merkvember and had to do this morning…it is all Varsity’s fault…blame them

  2. Gump

    Thank you @BootStrap for getting this done as part of the workout. I would say that I’m going to rest however I will be banking Merkins in odd places all day long..

  3. The Nanny

    @Bootstrap Of course I appreciated the focus on mericans today. Awesome to have them done for the day.

    @Black Sheep It was pretty awesome how when I explained what we were doing and if you were in and you said “uhh…sure.” As if signing up for 10K mericans is no big deal. #stud

    @Grinder Classic negotiation technique used on you this morning. We came into the negotiation with you wanting none of it and us wanting you in. Pulled a classic “meet me in the middle” and bam! Grinder is in for the HalfMercVember. Welcome.

    @Parkour Strong work from you out there this morning. Say…have you heard about the MercVember challenge? Do you want in? Only two answers; yes or no.

    @Col Mustard Typical post for you. 100%. You almost lapped me this morning. Also found some humor in the fact that when asked about the challenging mericans from yesterday you said “here, let me show you paddy cake.” Just didn’t think i’d ever here those words come out of your mouth. Only in F3.

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