Let’s get to the “CORE”!

Five men, including YHC, stumbled into the early morning, albeit warm, gloom to strengthen their CORE.  Here is how it went down…The Thang….

Warm-up (Static Stretching)
1.  Head/Neck Rolls
2.  Deep Breath/Chest Stretch
3.  Tapas Stretch (Horse Stance)
4.  Side Stretch

Warm-up (Ballistic Stretching)
1.  Feet Kicks/low jog
2.  Huggers
3.  Reachers
4.  March in place – knees to hands/fists – move to wide legs
5.  Jog in place – wide legs, butt kickers
6.  Running lunges – straight arm or climbers

More Stretching…
1.  Standing Wide Leg Hamstring stretch – inhale up, fold over and touch ground
2.  Train Track single hamstring stretch – alternate front leg, fold over front leg to ground
3.  Quad stretch – grab ankle on left foot while balancing on right, repeat

CORE Exercises – keep core tight at all times, focus on breathing (Hatha)
1.  Stacked Hand/Feet Push-up – 5 each side, repeat (1 min OYO)
2.  Banana Rolls – roll on each side, hold, repeat (2 full rolls up and back) – follow YHC
3.  Leaning Crescent Lunges – 10 ea side – Follow YHC
4.  Sphinx Push-up (1 min OYO)
5.  Bow to Boat (1 min follow YHC)
6.  Low Lateral Skaters/lifting foot off ground (1 min follow YHC)
7.  Side Hip Raise w/leg lift (10 ea side OYO)
8.  Mountain Climbers to Charturanga run (1 min follow YHC)
9.  Walking Push-ups – Four steps forward and back (1 min follow YHC)
10.  Superman/Banana – (1 min follow YHC)
11.  Reach High and under push-ups (1 min follow YHC)
12.  Plank to Chaturanga ISO (1 min follow YHC)
13.  Table Dip/Leg Raise (1 min follow YHC)

Mary – More stretching since we did abs above
1.  Inhale up/Back & Shoulder stretch
2.  Ballistic Huggers
3.  Stir the Pot of soup (Riblet likes tomato!)
4.  Standing wide leg hamstring stretch
5.  Cat to Cow (exhale in Cat/Inhale for Cow – I’ll get it right one day Deuce!)
6.  Pigeon Stretch grabbing opposite ankle for extra quad stretch

COT – Lead by BBQ

Mole Skin

  • Thanks for letting me change it up a bit.  I feel that strengthening your CORE is really important and I hope you all notice your abs aching a little bit today. If not let me know and I’ll turn it up a notch next time.
  • @Solo – Food Pantry – anything and everything, especially cotton balls!
  • @ BBQ – Still looking for slightly used tennis shoes for Sole Redemption.  I gave him 3 pairs today!  So he needs to do 30 burpees, who is the winner here?  Me for donating shoes to a good cause or BBQ because he is now stronger for doing the extra burpees?  I think we ALL WIN!
  • Tomorrow is Bootcamp.  Schedule C has the Q

2 thoughts on “Let’s get to the “CORE”!

  1. Clueless

    Nice lead once again Othello. I agree that the core is extremely important.

    I’m looking for any recommendations on how to explain the body bruises from the banana rolls and bow to boats. Riblet must think we’re crazy… smart to use the grass.

  2. Deuce

    Great lead, Othello! I liked the variety of stretches. Abs aren’t sore yet, but I’m sure I’ll be feeling it in the morning.

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