Stoli invades Rolling Stone

YHC made his first visit to Rolling Stone and it went like this…

The Thang:

Mosey to side of M.S. for COP with a little skipping on the way.

COP: SSH x 15, hand release merkins single count x 10, windmills x 15, hand release merkins single count x 10, imperial storm trooper x 15, hand release merkins single count x 10

Mosey to the Track

First 400m, 100m sprint straight away, 10 merkins in cadence, backward run 100m then 10 air squats in cadence, keoroke 100m straight way, 10 merkins, sprint last 100m, 10 air squats.

Second 400m, non-stop, sprints with 20 mtn climbers after each 100m

Head to the football field for 666’s. First 120 yards w/ stops 1/3 of the way for 6 reps of the following: burpees, LBC’s, air squats. Repeat back down the field with burpees x 6 at each 1/3.

Mosey up to the rock pile with bearcrawls on the side of the M.S. and then bunny hops up the steps to the parking lot.

Grab a rock for 10 count cadence of each exercise: Squat press, Sumo squat, Lateral raise, chest press, overhead pulls, shoulder press x 15 single count.

Mosey to small hill for 7 to 1 Jacob’s ladder, merkins at the top, LBC’s at the bottom.

Mosey back up to rocks.

15 stagger merkins on the rock in cadence.

MARY: x10 cadence

Mason twist (rock optional)
low flutter
crunchy frog
Homer to Marge

10 x cadence Merkins

The Moleskin:

1. Rolling Stone Pax: thank you for the invite. Not sure if i’ll be welcomed back, but a privilege to share some pain with you this gloom. Great pax and everyone worked their tails off. Excellent effort.

2. For those keeping track, we knocked out 128 merkins during the workout. Chowder calls it “JV” if you count them in your daily merkin 333 count, but don’t let him intimidate you. You worked hard for every one of those!

3. Great AO with a lot of space. I can see a Speed workout around that campus coming soon!

Thanks again and have a great day.


7 thoughts on “Stoli invades Rolling Stone

  1. WaterBoy

    @stoli great beat down. You are most welcome back and I hope I show more progress next time. Great meeting some of the other guys. I am counting the Merkins. Maybe varsity next year. The first 3 days have really caught up to me. Toughest workout for me since my first f3 on 9/18/14. Time to keep trucking though!

  2. Kato

    @Stoli: Thanks for coming out and, as WaterBoy mentioned, you’re welcome back anytime. You crammed a ton in that workout and I was surprised each time you said “we still have time left”. It was the pace of the workout that made it hard. Quick transitions from one thing to the next soon compounded and we (well, everyone but Mattress King) were left dazed and confused by the time it was over.

    @Pax: Way to push today. Doing the same stuff, with the same intensity, each workout will get you knowhere. Being willing to jump in head first and give it a try with full intensity will pay huge dividends in a short amount of time.

    @Mattress King: Tried to hang with you but the speed at which you do burpees made it imposible.

    One last thing……If we were to start a Wednesday morning running workout at Rolling Stone, who would be up for it?

  3. Schnitzel

    @Stoli, did you say stagger merkins? I think I staggered through each exercise. Great mix, enjoyed it once it was over, come any time.

    @Kato, I had visions of Sirius doing the hill climbs – but I may have just been hallucinating due to lack of oxygen.

    1. Kato

      @Schnitzel: Man, that was a big hill at Sirius. I miss it (actually not). Stoli showed this morning that you don’t need a big hill to get a good workout.

  4. Michael Hamrick

    @Stoli, you are welcomed back anytime. I know I don’t say much on here, but I enjoy every workout that we do and I’m thankful I found F3. It pushes me to go a little farther than I normally would.
    @Kato, thanks for the encouraging words.
    @Pax, just remember that your body will go farther than your mind wants it too. Just don’t listen to your mind and you will find yourself out front.

  5. Shane

    @Stoli, Awesome workout! Definitely a buttkicker! Only my 4th workout but I think it surpassed my first one with @Pharoh. Enjoyed the challenge, come back anytime!

    @Kato, I’d be up for the running workout once my legs get stronger. Although I run quite a bit they’ve been taking a beating with all this strength training (which I haven’t done in years) and not sure they could handle 3 days in a row right now.

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