Fighting for your right to vote and complain

13 to the POST..37 degrees and clear..Light winds..Cujo with flag flying high on this day.
Warm up
   Butt Kickers
   High Kicks
   SSH 15x
   IST 15x
   Cotton Pickers 15x
   Arm circles
    hands down/up
 The Thang
    partner up
    Grab gravel bag (Everyone)
    mosey to top of Hill 218
    Jacob’s Ladder
       Military Press from 25 to 5 (by 5’s)
       Crabwalk down hill with bag in the saddle
       Curls from 5 to 25 (by 5’s)
       quadromania up to top of hill with bag
    Mosey to top of Hospital parking deck (via stairs)
    Fireman carry partner 1/2 across deck then trade off
    Repeato back
    Mosey to Mary
    LBC’s 15x
   13 dimented souls showed up at AO in mid 30s for a pre-vote beatdown.
   Need more gravel bags – Nice problem to have. Used pavers as sub.
   Beautiful dawn from the top of the deck.
   Where’d the time go?? Only got halfway through the WOD and noticed
   we were late for mary.
   Was not aware that AO was also a voting station.  Sure we surprised
   (and inspired) the voting staff setting up for business.
   Again, great turnout and show of effort by the pax
   Thanks for letting me Q.
   See you next time in the gloom