Tower of Power


23 Harrisburg PAX met in the chilly gloom for a round of “Tower Power”. Here’s how it went down.

WARM-UP (x denotes cadence):

Mosey thru parking towards Raging Ridge Road(RRR)/swing gate, circle up, SSHx10
Mosey to next intersection of RRR/Main Road leading to school, circle-up, ISTx10
Mosey to RRR/Bus Lot intersection, Windmillx10
Mosey down Bus Lot entrance and stop along curb next to field directly across from Tower Incline Merkins along Curbx10, recover.
Jail Break to Tower (Watch for rocks and ruts)

THE THANG (x denotes cadence):
Split PAX into 4 groups of x. Each group designates a leader to perform cadence
Group #1 to Station #1, 24’-6×6, Overhead Press x5 (put down, pick-up, repeat)
Group #2 to Station #2, 24’-6×6, Squat x5 (put down, pick-up, repeat)
Group #3 to Station #3, 24’-6×6, Curl x5 (put down, pick-up, repeat)
Group #4 to Station #4, Tower 1st level, 5 Burpees, run to top Level, 5 Burpees, run down Tower  – Repeat entire list 2 more times.

When completing a station, Mosey to next Station staying with your group. If Station is Free, begin exercise. If Station is occupied, plank or do plank-jacks until free. Complete all stations. Repeat for total of 3 rounds.

Slow Indian Run (two lines) back to Mary. Last Pax in line does push-up and runs to front. Lines stay together the entire way back. Front Pax holds stick to keep them together.

MARY (x denotes cadence):
LBC x15
Squirm x15
Freddy Mercury x15
Low Dolly x15
The “W” x15
Mason Twist x15 (recover, recover)

COT – Lead by Othello


  • Thank you everyone for participating this morning.  You all have been hearing about the Tower, now you’ve seen it up close & personal.  Looking forward to the day @Bull and @Oz adds pull-up bars to that thing.
  • Honestly, not sure why I didn’t think 23 Pax would show up so next time we will have less Pax per 6×6 and more stations to make it a little more challenging and keep your heart rate up in between stations.  My apologies if you guys didn’t “sweat” enough this morning.
  • @Starsky – with a small donation to the Boy Scouts we can add stair/floor lighting for you!
  • @Oz – Thanks for all the help you gave my son this summer to help build that thing.  You are an awesome friend and we are lucky to have you in the PAX.  The Tower looks great!
  • Reminders:
    1. @BBQ is looking for decent/used athletic shoes for Sole-Redemption.  Clean them up and Bring them in.  @BBQ – I have 3 pair in my car I forgot to give you today.
    2. Endurance – Monday, Harrisburg Family House, 6:30am, Solo Cup is leading…with Bacon!
    3. Food Pantry – Soup!, Soup!, Soup! – Bring it in and give to Solo Cup.
    4. Texas Roadhouse BBQ Fundraiser for the Tower – Saturday, 11/1/14 from 11am-7pm at Hickory Ridge High School.  BBQ & Chicken plates with 2 sides, a roll, chips and drink for only $10 – You can’t beat that!  Bring the kids as the ReMax Hot air balloon will be there all day giving rides!

6 thoughts on “Tower of Power

  1. Gamma

    Othello – very nice job. Great use of the new monument and all the spare parts. Enjoyed the change of pace. Can’t wait for your next lead!

  2. OZ

    Good job Othello. Fun stuff indeed but maybe the tower should be bigger. It was tough getting 6 guys doing Burpees on the first level. It’s been my pleasure helping with the tower btw.

  3. SSMinnow

    Real good VQ, @Othello…liked the stick idea to keep the 2 Indian run lines together…..that tower is impressive and sturdy….congratulations to your son on an extremely large Eagle Scout Project….F3 Q’s seem to find new and different ways of putting things you can climb to use…I have a feeling we will experience that tower again.

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