Putting in a Little Extra Time, the Right Way

4 Warrior One Pax did their thang in the gloom, then found they had extra time for their favorite pose.

x-denotes four-count cadence.

The Thang:

In this order, sorta, kinda (ITOSK):

  • Plank Series: Merkins x10, Side-Plank Extensions R/L OYO~6 reps, Slow J-Lo OYO~6 reps, Elbow Plank with opposite leg and arm lifts~20 secs each side.
  • Abs and Back: LBC x20, Reverse Crunch x15, Squirm x15, Bridge, Wheel w/optional leg lifts, Seated Forward-Fold, Shoulder Stand, Plow, LBC x20, Cross-legged Spinal Twist R/L w/Counter Twist.
  • Merkins x10, Down Dog, Forward Fold, Half-Forward Fold, Forward Fold, Chair, Forward Fold, Chair with Spinal Twist R/L, Mountain, Salute Side-Stretch, Neck Rolls, Half-bind Neck Stretch, Shoulder Rolls, Forward Fold, Half-Forward Fold, Forward Fold, Plank, Up Dog.
  • Down Dog, Three Point, Cheetah, Lunge, Crescent, Crescent Fold, Crescent w/Spinal Twist, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Extended Side-Angle, Peaceful Warrior, Triangle, Lunge, Plank, Up Dog. Repeato other side.
  • 2.0s pose, 2.0 Half-Knot R/L.
  • Down Dog, Lunge, Triangle, Lunge. Repeato other side.
  • Down Dog, Three Point, Cheetah, Pigeon. Repeato other side.
  • Corpse Pose.

COT w/Road Warriors


  1. Another strong performance by the PAX. It’s clear we are all getting more flexible.
  2. We don’t normally have time for Corpse Pose, but the Road Warriors’ late return allowed for a brief bit of relaxation, well deserved.



1 thought on “Putting in a Little Extra Time, the Right Way

  1. Othello

    Great stretching today, much needed for the hamstrings after @Gapper’s beatdown yesterday. Too bad more guys don’t take advantage of this.

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