Roam around the parking lot

10 Stoners and a Gump showed up at Rolling Stone to put in a little work.

The thang:

Mosey around the lot as a warmup, butt kickers, high knees, Stoli skips.

Circle up for

1. SSH x 15

2. Running with scissors  x 15

3. Cotton Pickers x 15

4. IST x 15

Mosey to the rock pile for some coupons. Split into five groups and set up four pain stations. Five groups and four stations left one group running in-between to relieve next group.

Station 1 at the upper lot (heavy rocks except for Whatley): chest press x 10, switch rocks, chest press x 10 (repeato until relieved)

Station 2 at the traffic circle (lighter rocks except for Whatley=no rock?): curls x 10, tricep extension x 10 (repeato until relieved)

Station 3 at the stairs: calf raises x 10, dips x 10 (repeato until relieved)

Station 4 at the upper lot towards the rock pile: LBC x 10, low dolly x 10 (repeato until relieved)

I think we completed 3 circuits. Return the rocks and line up for sprints.

40 yrd sprints x 5

Circle up for Mary

Squirm x 15

Iron Cross (Kato wins!)


The Moleskin

1. Nice work. Great to see some new faces. @Sugar good to see you back out today. @Schnitzel & @Quidditch welcome out to Rolling Stone.

2. I had a nice little sprint ladder planned, but the circuits took longer than I expected. Oh well, there is always next time.

3. Whatley has laid down the gauntlet with his love for the F3Charleston Beatdown he took on.

4. Remember to bring your shoes for the Charlotte Rescue Mission. @Waterboy is our site Q.

5. Come on out to the Cruise tomorrow. 5:30 at Highland Creek Elementary School. 4+ miles at a number of different paces.


9 thoughts on “Roam around the parking lot

  1. Schnitzel

    Good to get out again after long layoff (from Sirius). Tennis elbow no problem today, but we’ll see how it goes with merkins, burpees etc. T claps to LawDawg for most excellent Q and Kato, good to shoot breeze with you in between stations. Honorable mention to Pox for pesky persistence.

  2. Pox

    By my count we did 3+ 1 set today. I like the curcuit workout – nice lead law dawg

    Great to have some old Sirius brothers out to our new AO. You are now christened stoners. – let’s put the eh on some of the old Sirius crew (hammer, parkour, Haskell , brave and the rest )

    Ditto on gumps mumble chatter – eh your neighbor. – even if you don’t like him.

  3. Kato

    @LawDawg: Nice changeup….enjoyed the partner workout format.

    @Schnitzel: Glad you and Quidditch finally found the new AO. Missed having you around.

    There’s a couple of challenges right now:

    The fall fuel challenge: It’s a good way to kick-start the bigger part of the diet/exercise formula. For those interested, I highly recommend using My Fitness Pal to track nutrition and exercise (it’s free). Let me know if you’re doing it and we’ll buddy up as a group.

    Movember: Yup, I spelled it right. It’s 10,000 mericans done over the month of November. That’s over 300 a day (ouch). My bird chest and I are on the fence on this one but I can be talked into it if some other Stoners HC.

    On another note: they just announced F3 Dad’s on twitter for Saturday @ 7am. This is perhaps the most fun you’ll have at an F3 workout. Bring the 2.0’s for a kid family workout that’ll still challenge the dads. Don’t have kids? Pox has several you can borrow. Seriously….guys without kids still come and have a blast.

    @ Sugar: Congratulations on your second post…..I want to hear about your drumming escapades sometime soon.

    See you guys on Thursday. I’ve got the Q and will be bringing a good luck charm to the workout.

      1. Kato

        No restrictions. Bring your kids any age/ any gender. I forgot to mention, it’s at Mallard Creek Park.

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