Cause of Death – Timber got em

12 PAX it was.  Nails the Q. Evil planned.


Warm up=

Mosey to hospital parking deck top floor by way of old fashioned steps.

Planked for several min while mother hen-(Indy) gathered the PAX

25 SSH

20 cotton pics

25 mtn climbrs in cadence.

1 min of arm circles

Mosey back to ASEC-gathered at tailgate of the dreaded white pic-up.



Pic your favorite partner and 6x6x10 timber ( there was some crying at this time)

Mosey to shelter with timber overhead  and plank for 1 min

Mtn climbers x 20 IC

LBC’s x good gosh a mighty

Decline merks x 10

Mosey to parking lot where there was a little bit of light so the 40’s-respects  could see

We did a few timber hops and curled our timbers for a short while

Mosey to grass area where everyone got to flip the timber end over end multiple times

Mosey to shelter for a quick round of mtn climbers x 20 IC (Q was unaware time was coming to an end)



40 LBC’s at a variable speed IC



Beautiful morning for us, pax all seemed to be in good spirits.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Don’t forget to bring clean old running shoes ( men’s only ) to Indy. These are for the homeless in the queen city.

Indy has a painful splinter and is kinda teary.

See ya in the gloom