can you hear me Dutch?

27 Traditioners showed up, with very mild temps this morning, to push through the gloom and burn some abs.

Disclaimer (extra loud so Dutch could hear it.)


Warm up Mosey around Church


ssh x 15

merkin x 10

burpee x 5 oyo (not enough of a warm up for Dutch.)



The Thang:

count off in groups of 4. mosey to the outback. establish the location and exercise of 4 stations

1. at the bottom of the hill in the Outback where group MARY exercises are be lead by members of the PAX at that station.

2. pull-up\dip bars where PAX will preform 5 reps of each

3.the shovel Flag where the PAX will preform 15 merkins

4. the creepy day care parking lot. where the PAX will preform 5 sprints up the hill.

1 group stays at station 1 and does various MARY execises while the other 3 groups sprint to the other stations preform the task at hand and sprint back and join in the Mary exercises until the entire PAX returns. next round every group advances a station and rinse and repeat again and again…

Mosey around church to circle up for 1 last round of…

LBC x 25


1. Thanks for letting me lead this morning. It is truly an honor.

2. Hopefully you all enjoyed a workout concentrated on abs.

3. It was good to see the brakes on #1’s Audi are in fine shape. that would have been a heck of a mess to clean up.

16 thoughts on “can you hear me Dutch?

  1. Dingo

    Great job designing this workout Funky. I really enjoyed it! Great way to get that small group feel within a large group #whendoestheprecinctstart?

    I also noticed that group #2 was killing it!! The rest of the groups look kinda slow…….

    Group 2 also did 20 merkins??? What’s up with 15???

  2. Dutch

    funky – I heard you loud and clear…. funny how that works when the Q is giving instructions, others actually stop talking to listen… works great! thanks for demonstratiing. Not sure if I should give you mumble back… it may rattle your cage or cause you to intensify the workout… making it extra tough for the #respect contingent. may be worth it though!
    Good work out and thanks for the 36 seconds of warm-0-rama too! 😉

  3. Colonel Mustard

    F3Dads this Saturday at Mallard Creek Park, 0700 launch. Be there! Costumes welcome. I think Funky Bunch is going to dress up like Pink Panther.

  4. The Farm

    I thought Group 4 was the fastest…

    I think we did the most Mary because we were completing the workouts at the stations so quickly.

  5. FunkyBunch Post author

    See now Dutch I’m confused. You said you showed up early to warm up. But when I got there you were holding your water bottle watching Raptor stretch.

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