Mosey to the middle school parking lot
10 Burpees IC (What? We never start with Burpees!)
SSH x 30
Reverse LBC x 15
IST x 20
10 Burpees

Run to Benches at back of school
10 Burpees
Jump ups x20
Decline Merkins x20
Dips x20
Incline Merkins x20
10 Burpees

Run to playground
10 Burpees
Hanging Knee Raises x10
CDD x10
WWII situps x10
10 Burpees

Run to BB courts
10 Burpees
10-15-20-25 Merkins at 4 corners of the trailers
10 Burpees

Run to front of the school
10 Burpees
People’s Chair w/ 20 air presses (in cadence)
Balls to the wall
Wall plank
10 Burpees

Mosey to Parking lot for Mary
10 Burpees
Crunchy Frog x20
Mason Twist x20
Plankarena x12
10 Burpees

Great work by the Pax – Way to gut out 120 Burpees.

5 thoughts on “Burpeepalooza

  1. Pharaoh Post author

    Guys I had a great time today! Way to muscle through. Tclaps to Chowder for stirring it up right from the start. @Professor – way to hang tough. Sorry we didn’t do any Mega-Muscle ups!

  2. Grinder

    Pretty sure I’m going to have nightmares of Pharaoh yelling “10 more burpees”, great workout tho

  3. Stoli

    Pharaoh, we’ve password protected sign up genius so you cannot sign up again at Highlands without prior approval.

    Brutal workout with all those burpees, but well needed. We appreciate you traveling up to Highlands to punish us. Well done, Sir. And on behalf of Highlands, I apologize for the verbal naggging from Chowder. He was relentless this morning.

    1. Pharaoh Post author

      @Stoli – Thanks for the comments but I’m pretty sure you still had some gas in tank for another set or two! Good work!
      I have enjoyed the Highlands greatly..(@Chowder excepted 🙂 )

  4. Chowder

    I #mumblechatter to mask the pain… and because I care. Seriously Pharaoh, good stuff this morning. I’m really feeling it this afternoon… an upper body smokefest. In my book, you’re welcome at Highlands anytime (Note to self: check signup genius before posting.)

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