United Nations Day Celebration

7.1 set out to celebrate United Nations Day in the cool, Boutros Boutros-Ghali gloom.

The Thang:
=>Follow the leader around the parking lot, back of middle school and learning cottages with line touches, hills and wall jumps mixed in

Line Drills

  • Pick a line
  • Side to side, back and forth, left leg, right leg, Bobby Brown (x-drill) x22
  • Repeato
  • Bounding (like a tire drill with high knees running down and back each line)
  • Repeato

=>Short mosey to bball courts

Bball Court Sprints

  • Start on knees facing goals, sprint forward to end line, backwards run back
  • Start on knees facing away from goals, sprint forward to end line, backwards run back
  • Start with forward plank, sprint forward to end line, backwards run back
  • Start with backwards plank, sprint forward to end line, backwards run back
  • Repeato

=>Short mosey to back entrance of HCE

10 to 1 Ladder

  • Start at entrance and sprint to playground side – Rocky Balboas x10
  • Sprint from playground back to entrance – Squats x1
  • Complete ladder

=>Mosey to end of bus lot

Flying Sprints

  • Jog to cone, sprint to next cone, jog to next cone, etc. all the way across bus lot
  • Repeato back
  • Do again, but skip one cone for each sprint and jog

=>Out of time, mosey back to HCE


  • LBC x43





  1. Thx for coming out to celebrate United Nations Day with me, Gentleman.  Yes, it’s a thing: http://www.un.org/en/events/unday/
  2. Everything seemed like it would work on paper, but it’s always different LIVE.  Way to push and roll with it.  I tried to mix up drills with running.
  3. @LawDawg – Sorry, those cones were actually for F3 and not school equipment.  I know you loved the flying sprints, anyway.
  4. @The Nanny – Enjoy the mountains with your 2.0s.  #makingmemories
  5. @Drop Cloth – Thanks for coming out for my birt…..er….United Nations day, especially with a hurt foot and an M early “alarm discussion.”
  6. The count was 7.1 as we had a Gump (in full biker gear) join us for Mary.


2 thoughts on “United Nations Day Celebration

  1. Dropcloth

    @Pavarotti – first and foremost – Happy 43rd Birthday! Although your sash wearing skills need to improve (the around the ankles in the first 100 yards was impressive).

    Second comment – that was a great all around Speed Beatdown. Loved the ladder exercise – that will certainly be incorporated into one of my upcoming leads. The warmup exercise (if you call it that) had me rethinking why I came out this morning – that traversing of the whole AO (felt like it) with squats, jumps and hill running was nasty!

    As we discussed earlierthe forming of the United Nations on the day you were born – coincidence or did they have foresite into what arrived in the world that day and needed buyin from all nations to protect it…….?

    BTW – for those not in attendance we had a little trivia dropped on this morning – Who was the creator of the United Nations? Answer: Rotary (who knew – other than @Gump)

    1. Pavarotti Post author

      It was foresight and they used me as beacon of hope for all the nations of the world.

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