The GeorTEX

18 men this cool morn for a little around the Geortex action.

Warmup: all in cadence

Cotton Picker x12
Imperial Storm Trooper x12
SSH x20
Merkin x10

Mosey to Outback for instructions:

This is how it went.

10 burpees
Run around church
10 pull ups
Run around church
20 dips
Run around church
25 merkins
Run around church
25 air squats
Run around church

Halfway around each lap, complete 15 WW2 sit-ups.

Ran circuit until 0610 and wrapped up with a little Mary.

Merkins x10 single count (slow and low)
Elbow plank for 1 minute
LBC x20 IC
Low flutter x20 IC

Hard work from all this morning. We pretty much stayed moving from 0535 until 0610. Dingo reports 2.2 miles of movement around the AO. @Forgotten Jelly, you win, @Montana, you were rolling up the sidewalk, couldn’t keep up. As always, it’s an honor to lead you men.

Quote of the morning goes to Funky, “allow myself to introduce myself”!

New workout at the Wellington Club House “The Precinct”, starting November 4th. Going to be a Tuesday and Thursday Boot Camp. More detail to follow.

5 thoughts on “The GeorTEX

  1. Dutch

    good cardio workout striker – looking forward to the precinct taking off at Wellington pool area. Maybe Funky’s mumble will get caught up in the vortex next time – and we’ll be able to hear your instructions! :-).

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    As always, I enjoyed it Striker. Nice job brother. Don’t worry, I’m sure I will see you at the Precinct. You can’t get away from us forever!

    I agree on Montana, you were moving on that sidewalk. Nice job!

  3. Dingo

    Nice workout striker! The Geor’tex?? Might need a new name…… 🙂

    Aye! Montana! You were cruising this morning! The April mud run is calling!!

    That’s twice this week that Dutch has called funky out! I’m excited for the throw down!!

    @guinnes, @toro, @funky – great push this morning! Especially your focus on completing EVERY rep!

    Axe Effect – good work correcting your squats! Look after those knees brother!

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