It’s Hip to Hatha

4 fine F3er’s sought out flexibility and core strengthening this morning… with focus on opening up the hips and deep breathing techniques. The Thang went something like this…

Warmup: Slow high knees, high knee jog, upright mountain climbers, chest press off of knees, squat jumps, larger arm circles, small arm circles

Light Stretching: Mountain pose, mountain pose w/ neck rolls, smelly arm pits (courtesy of Dr Rose), side lunge (onto to toe), garland pose, pigeon pose progression — aka hips galore, chair pose hold

Warrior Progression: Planks to cobra or up dog, to down dog, to lunge, to lunge twist, to crescent, to “goofy” extended side angle, to warrior one, to warrior two, to reverse (peaceful) warrior, to warrior three

Upper body work: Yerpies, 4 count slow merkins, up and under merkins

Mary (sort of): Downward dog to plank up progressions (4 step in/out, 3 hop in/out, 2 hop in/out, 1 hop in/out)

NakedMan Moleskin:

  1. Great work this morning fellas! Thanks for allowing me to lead and for sticking with me as I nurse my back back to health.
  2. @Deuce – you’re right… it is interesting how the shoulders were impacted with the plank up progression… must have been the prior upper body work
  3. @Riblet – it was so nice to have you out there with the inflexible old guys
  4. @Othello – I heard you on the slow hatha breathing… nice focus
  5. Remember community outreach opportunities w/ Soup and Shoes

3 thoughts on “It’s Hip to Hatha

  1. Clueless Post author

    Fun stuff this morning fellas. The hatha technique is useful at ‘other times’ too.

  2. Deuce

    Great first Warrior One lead, Clueless; a lot less brutal than your first Bootcamp Q, but just as effective. Looking forward to more.

  3. Othello

    Great lead Clueless. Sometimes you just need to “Hatha”. I find it works well after I complete a sprint or run to get your heart rate down fast and ready for the next exercise so your not huffing like a horse.

    @Ribshack – that’s my secret 😉

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