Tattle Tail

Or… “The Truth will make you free.”

Better late than never, I reckon.

We all face struggles.  No one is above them.  Period.  That is hard to understand in the midst of whatever problem you are having but it is true.  This can be especially true for a man who is pushing himself to be better.  Looking around and you see other men passing you at a beat down, breathing normaly, barely breaking a sweat.  Been there, thought that.  Same thing spiritually.  Many of the same struggles, hurdles, stumbling blocks, tripping you up, no matter what.  I generally can see them coming… a flash across the TV screen or an old song… Looking back on the plow, and I guess that is how it happens.

It took a long time and this particular passage to figure it out.  Everone faces this, even the Apostle Paul.  The man who wrote most of the New Testament and one of the greatest preachers to have ever lived still struggled.

READ Romans 7:14-25 OYO  It is really powerful.

We all know what we should be doing, but we are at war with ourselves, specifically our flesh.  The biggest excuse I hear for not posting is that it is too early… FLESH.  “I can’t loose weight”…FLESH.  I cannot give up (insert addiction/issue here)…FLESH.  Sold in bondage to sin.  Ask a smoker… they know it is bad; many want to quit.  They may even hate it, but quitting is next to impossible.  Like every other sin, especially those that we struggle to overcome, it is a burden. Like a certain 31 year-old man that occasionally gets a zit would say, I should be past this.                “…Who will set me free from the body of this death?”

It is a process… It takes time.  Just like anything else worth doing, it WILL NOT be easy.  This is certainly worth doing.

READ James 5:7-20 OYO

Specifically 7-12. This addresses the patience part.  We are all in different spots, and those spots are changing daily.  I can run faster today than I could last year. Same with merkins, burpees, pullups, etc.

I can withstand more than I could, spiritually today than I could before.  It is a process that doesn’t (shouldn’t) stop until death.

Now to get to the meat of the matter.  Verse 16.  A scary prospect.

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed.”

What keeps us from doing this?

As @Ribshack pointed out, from the time that we are old enough to get into trouble, we have been trying to hide it.  Besides that, who wants to air out their dirty laundry?  We are ashamed or have an image to uphold…PRIDE. The bad kind.  No one wants to expose weak spots.

This is the deal though… it works.  This is a lesson recently learned from experience.  A friend and I recently put this verse in action.  He knows the areas of my life that need help and I know his. We prayed for each other.  Problems relieved.  Done.  It blew my mind.  For years I have had the same struggles, always praying to overcome to no avail.  At the same time I was only asking God for assistance and not following the Word that I claim to.  When you try to skip a step, it doesn’t work.

The challenge is finding that other piece of iron with which to sharpen.  One who will not judge or whos opinion of you will not change, and most importantly, one who will agree with you in prayer.  It is a worthy challenge.  A necessary challenge.  The verse from a couple of meetdowns ago… A three stranded cord is not easily broken.  It is in Ecclesiasties. Look it up.

Confessing sins seems like an awful thing to do but if you want to be better, sharper, it is necessary.  Odds are, the man you find to work with has gone through something similar.  Suck it up and do it. Be a Tattle Tail… on yourself.

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    @Banjo Boy- good words, thanks for bringing them to the table & walking us through them….sorry your food got cold!

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