Concord Takes a HIIT

Fourteen PAX ventured into the gloom to experience High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) this morning…


Mosey around the parking lot – buttkickers, high knees, karaoke, backpedal – circle up in the upper lot

  • SSH x 20
  • Cotton pickers x 15
  • Walkout merkens x 15
  • Mosey to the shelter, grabbing three tires and eight sandbags on the way


Ten stations, each station is three minutes long (45 secs on, 15 off; 45 on, 15 off; 45 on, 15 off):

  1. Merkens
  2. Bent-over rows w/ sandbag
  3. Reverse skullcrushers w/ sandbag
  4. Curls w/ sandbag
  5. Tire flips
  6. Brazilians
  7. Goblet squats w/ sandbag
  8. Burpees
  9. Two-footed tire jump-ups
  10. Decline plank


LBCs x 25


The HIIT Thang ate up 30 minutes of real-time this morning so we didn’t have any time to mess around.  PAX were very efficient this morning – saving their breath for the very brief recovery segments at each station.

All told we spent 22.5 of the 30 minutes performing a variety of high-intensity exercises.  Very pleased with the effort this morning, men – thanks for letting me be your Q.