Sneaky Pete… Workout? Location? Legend.

One short of YHC’s favorite number posted in the gloom… @The_Nanny tried twice to get us over the threshold, but the Pre-Blast warnings must have been effective in scaring off enough PAX (including all of the ‘burg?) to fall short.  So 18 strong MeCa ‘Merican Men ignored the #Disclaimer and launched out to conquer some new El Dorado territory.

Here’s how it went down – The Thang:
– AYG (this IS a race) across the street, right at traffic circle, then take the second left just before the deck.  Introducing Sneaky Pete:
20141013_192254          Yes, it looks like only three levels… looks can be deceiving.
– Head to the end of the road at the back corner of the deck for:
– 10 one-legged burpees (5 left leg, then 5 right leg) – get at least 6 inches off the ground on your jump
– AYG up the stairs to the top deck
– 20 single count hand-release mericans with full arm extension at the top
– AYG across the top deck to the tower and down the stairwell to the bottom
– 30 single count air squats – full squats, no cheating with beak-dippers
– AYG back up the tower stairs to the top deck
– 40 single count pretzel crunches (20 left side; 20 right side)
– AYG across the top deck to the original stairwell and head down to the bottom
Yes, it looks easy on paper… looks can be deceiving.
Rinse and repeat until time called – plan was 0610, but when one of the top 3 is lying face down during the hand-release ‘mericans, praying to end it, YHC called it three minutes early.  AYG back to the shovel flag. First back with the most rounds completed stands atop the virtual podium.

CO…hold on, CO… hold on.  Ok… COT and BOM

Long-sleeve Moleskin
– T-claps to @The_Nanny for standing atop the VP after lapping most of the field and continuing to pull away from the rest.
– Strong showing by many others – @Bootstrap, @Colonel, @Exit_54, @Striker, @Frodo did their best to keep pace
– Veteran move by @The_Nanny as he let @Frodo, @Colonel and YHC take the “AYG to Sneaky Pete” literally – by the end of round one, I really think it was all I had…
– To all the PAX, way to keep pushing strong throughout the hour, brothers.  Great effort.  It will pay downstream dividends.
– For those interested in the math on the work calculations: 7 levels vs. 6 levels @ StH = 16.7% more vertical distance (assuming similar number of stairs per level – what say you @Dropcloth?) and an avg. of 8 mins there and back vs. an avg. of 16 mins to StH = 18.2% more time doing 16.7% more vertical elevation = 37.9% more work. #ScientificFact
– @Cupid – how on earth did you stand wearing that hoodie the entire time??!! Even @The_Nanny took off his #EarSnuggies after 5 rounds
– Welcome to our elDV’s – @Google, @Cupid, others?  Keep on coming back… the first few times El Dorado punches us all in the face, but before long, you’ll be punching back
– Despite out best efforts and three tries, the count in COT didn’t change.
– Best reason to stick around post El D: the 2nd F (BYO PB&B); Second best reason to stick around post El D: to watch some sweater-vested UNCC sophomore re-enact Blades of Glory… I guess it was too cold for his short-jorts.

– Don’t forget to bring your retired workout shoes to an upcoming beatdown for #SoleRedemption. They can use workout clothes too, but mostly need sneakers and running shoes.
– F3Connect – Exit 18 (not to be confused with @Exit_54) – 11:30a tomorrow at Fox & Hound in Huntersville – tap into the business side of the 2nd F. Hit @LawDawg on Twitter for RSVP info.

6 thoughts on “Sneaky Pete… Workout? Location? Legend.

  1. Dropcloth

    Sure I can help you out @Chowder! After the first trip up the tower I was dying and figured there had to be a logical reason and so I counted the steps on my second trip(12 flights of 10 steps and for those needing help (@Nanny) that’s 120 steps in total.) The tower steps had just the average 100 steps to traverse up and down – much easier!!!! (#sarcasminserted)

    Nice beatdown today @Chowder- the Merican releases were the death of me today.

    Enjoyed being back at El Dorado for the first time in a while – still see it sucks!

  2. Frodo

    Nice beatdown, Chowder. The change of venue was nice, until it was discovered there were more levels. The hands free merkins were awful.

    Additional announcement: No El Dorado next week; it’s end of the Month Murph…or Field trip to Muthaship. #pickyourpoison

  3. Dingo

    Nice job Chowder! Enjoyed the change of locale!

    Not sure what these guys mean about the hands free merkins being tough?? It was all those damn stairs that nailed me!!!

  4. Kato

    Good Stuff Chowder. I was amped to visit another deck but before long realized that one set of stairs sucks just as much as another. The short run back from the deck was certainly nice at the end.

    Unlike Dingo, I’ll agree with the others that the hand release mericans were tough. What does that say about us? That we’re not accustomed to doing mericans with full reps? What’s next? Hand release decline mericans?

    I don’t know how much you guys notice your change in fitness week from week to week. As someone who’s been away for a while, I’ve noticed a considerable change in a lot of you guys. Kudos for pushing hard week in and week out. It’s making a difference in you.

    T-claps to you Egg Plant. Since day one at Rolling Stone, you’ve jumped in with both feet and not let up. We need to get the rest of the Stoners out to El Dorado.

  5. The Nanny

    @Chowder #WorkoutInnovation Thanks for going where no man hath gone before… Re: Blades of Glory…you forgot to mention that our roller blading friend was wearing what looked to be fur lined blades and he went up the hill to the traffic light backwards. You almost have to #respect that. Fashion and Fitness? He has 2 F’s nailed.

    @Bootstrap Performance enhancing drugs? 5 hour energy? Mustards Magic Pre-Workout “Vitamin” Supplement? What got into you today? Dang boy. You were flying.

    @Dropcloth You never cease to amaze me with your step counts. However I still think we need an audit. Isn’t that what people do to you bean counters? Audit you?

    @Frodo Sorry you had the strained/pulled hip flexer. Those dang 1 legged burpees are the worst…and unfortunately for us, Chowder loves em.

    @Kato Agree that the hand release mericans were the toughest element out there today. I’ll be feeling those for days.

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