El Dorado Pre-Blast: Introducing Sneaky Pete

A few words of caution for those considering posting at El Dorado in the gloom:
1) The bridge on N.Tryon near the Cook Out will be out for the next few months, closing the road (find an alternate route.)
2) BE ON TIME: we’re not going to Stairway to Heaven, so if you’re not good at following directions, be prompt to follow the leader
3) If you don’t like to do hard things, DON’T POST. Tomorrow’s beatdown is scientifically proven to deliver 37.9% MORE WORK than our typical El Dorado

Here’s how it will go down:
– AYG (this IS a race) across the street, right at traffic circle, then take the second left just before the deck.  Welcome to the Sneaky Pete:
20141013_192254– Head to the end of the road at the back corner of the deck for:
– 10 one-legged burpees (5 left leg, then 5 right leg) – get at least 6 inches off the ground on your jump
– AYG up the stairs to the top deck
– 20 single count hand-release mericans with full arm extension at the top
– AYG across the top deck to the tower and down the stairwell to the bottom
– 30 single count air squats – full squats, no cheating with beak-dippers, @Dingo… The form police will be watching
– AYG back up the tower stairs to the top deck
– 40 single count pretzel crunches (20 left side; 20 right side)
– AYG across the top deck to the original stairwell and head down to the bottom
Rinse and repeat until time is called at 0610, then AYG back to the shovel flag. First back with the most rounds completed stands atop the virtual podium.

See you in the gloom!

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