Fartleks in the Gloom

8 speed thirsty pax posted for the tried and true “No Q” standby workout for YHC; Fartleks.  Anything to avoid the track, right?

The Thang:

  1. 1 mi warmup
  2. Rotate Fartlek leads around the pax; 1 minute on, 2 minute recovery
  3. Pax Proximity Management (PPM) allowed us to also fit in at least the following; two x 30 air squats, 1 x 30 merkin, 3 x 20 merkin, 1 x 20 derkin.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. We had at least two virgin Speeders this morning.  Great to see.
  2. Loved hearing Smokey tell me that “he is not a runner” b/c in 6 months when he is a runner, I can remind him of that comment….just like so many of our other “non-running” pax.
  3. COT was a smaller circle than Dance Mom has been used to and he said it threw him off his game.  No dance move gang sign from him this morning.
  4. Handsome was inquiring about workout options on monday.  Think we may have another Mettle pax member on our hands.
  5. It was great to have Magma out with us.  It was his first big running post back since he has rehabilitated his knee.  Now that he is also a Highland Creek resident we may be seeing more of him.
  6. Make sure you ask Chavez to tackle a street sign for you – it is an impressive sight….

2 thoughts on “Fartleks in the Gloom

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Great job out there this morning, men. Great temps, great running format, and great fellowship.

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