Old Glory Flies High!

25 Traditioners posted even though they new Old Glory was making an appearance!  TClaps to the Pax!  Its not an easy workout, lots of running, a mix of tough exercises and a mental battle of You Vs You!

The Thang;

Tradition Bootcamp

Old Glory;

Start at shovel Flag in Parking Lot.

Run down to office buildings and back(1.0mile)

1. 20 x Merkins(front/right corner of Church)

2. AYG to Back/right corner of Church

3. 20 x Jump Squats

4. AYG to Pull Up Bars

5. 10 x Pull Ups

6. AYG across Field to sidewalk

7. 20 x WWII Situps

8. AYG to Shovel Flag – Touch the Flag – Thats 1 round.

9. AYG to front/right corner of Church

(Loop is 0.40miles)

Rinse and Repeat 1-9

10 mins left – run to office buildings and back(1.0mile)

You Vs You! How many times can you touch the flag?

The Moleskin;

  1. Guys you are definitely getting faster!  And this workout is a great test of you fitness level.
  2. The “Jelly Lube” was in full effect this morning!  As Funky and pulled into the Church we noticed that the first mile was not fully completed by some…….Which allowed Funky to take the first mile in stride!
  3. I like this workout more every time we do it!
  4. Remember how many laps you did today.  Try and do more the next time!

15 thoughts on “Old Glory Flies High!

  1. FunkyBunch

    Ahh the Old Glory Showed up again. Love it. Great push out there Pax.

    Mountaineer way to step out front and carry the Colors.

    FJ, Dingo, El Toro and Axe Effect thanks for the push this morning that first mile was intense!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    I enjoyed it. I won’t make the same mistake again for the first mile by stopping early. Need to know my actual time next time.

  3. Skipper

    @Dingo – Thanks for taking the Q today and leading us in #Old Glory, mate!
    Welcome @Wampa and great job during the workout today.
    Ahoy! I do love some #Old Glory!

  4. Dutch

    good push today- great way to get a read on your level of progress….many of you guys are an inspiration, including guys who push me to get 5 laps in… and those who wear weight vest, carrying the flag way out front… good stuff!

  5. The Farm

    @Dingo. Great workout today! Last month I called this one a mini Murph but I think it’s just as tough as there is more running but less reps. This are the Murph have been great to measure progress.

    @Skipper You are an inspiration bro. Maybe one of these days, I’ll be able to do it with a weighted vest.

    @Dutch. I don’t know if anyone else saw, but to supposedly not be a runner, you were flying out there.

    @Wampa welcome to a great group of guys. I looked up Wampa and now I’m curious why you got the name. Can’t wait to see in future workouts.


    1. Dingo Post author

      Yeah its a different beast to the Murph. A lot more cardio need to knock this one out. And there is no “End” to it! Theoretically you could do a little more every time.

  6. Ryan Toth

    Thanks for the welcome guys.

    @Dingo great workout for this FNG – the self pace gave me a chance to see how I size up. Looking forward to many more.

    @The Farm the Wampa is a ferocious creature from the ice planet of Hoth that thrives in the most hostile of enrivorments and takes a Jedi Knight to defeat – and said Jedi thought it safer to run away into an icestorm than to hang around a Wampa with his arms off. He’s a tough SOB and I intend to live up to the name!

    @Skipper thanks for bringing me in. Watch out for @Gump, he was asking who to smack for the nickname after he setup my access.

    See you guys tomorrow!

    1. Skipper

      @Wampa – I like an FNG who embraces his name wholeheartedly! BTW, go into the Settings or Preferences at the F3 site and change your name to show as Wampa in Commnets (Who is Ryan Toth?). Also, thanks for the head’s up with @Gump, he and I already had a Twitter exchange regarding the naming. He’s a cranky old #Godfather.

      @All Pax – Speaking of Twitter, if you are not on Twitter, join. It’s great for F3 communication and it will allow us to get away from all the e-mails. Its not that hard and we’ve got some Pax to walk you through it.

      @Dingo – How about a Tradition on Tap Twitter edition to give the Pax a tutorial? I’ll buy the beer (for the instructor only).

  7. Maximus_MECA

    Nice workout today. Enjoyed it. Though I’m not the fastest, 🙂 and hold up the back of the pack, it is great progress to realize I can run 2+ miles in a morning and it’s not that big of a deal. When I started back in May I could only run like a 1/3 mile without stopping. Thanks for leading Dingo.

    1. Dingo Post author

      Imagine what you will be doing in a year from now Maximus! I see marathons in your future!!

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