Moving With Mindful Intention

Four men, braved the rainy gloom, found the nearest overhang, and moved with mindful intention

Warm Up
  • 2 min jog (High Knee, Butt Kickers)
  • 10 x Merkins
  • 20 x LBCs
  • 10 x Windmills
  • 10 x ISS
  • Sun Salutations (Repeato x 2)
The Thang:

Flexibility Exercises (hold each for 30 seconds)

  • Shoulder & Chest
    Preformed standing. Clasp hands behind back and straighten arms. Raise hands as high as possible and bend forward from the waist and hold. (Repeato x 2)
  • Arm Across Chest
    Place one arm straight across chest. Place hand on elbow and pull arm towards chest and hold. (Repeato x 2 each side)
  • Triceps Stretch
    Place one hand behind back with elbow in air. Place other hand on elbow and gently pull towards head. (Repeato x 2 each side)
  • Glute Stretch
    Sitting on floor with right leg bent, place right foot over left leg. Place left arm over right leg so elbow can be used to push right knee. (Repeato x 2 each side)
  • Single Leg Hamstring
    Place leg out straight and bend the other so your foot is flat into your thigh. Bend forward from the waist keeping your back flat. (Repeato x 2 each side)
  • Standing Quadriceps
    Standing on one leg grab the bottom of one leg (just above ankle). Pull heel into buttocks and push the hips out. Your thigh should be perpendicular to the ground. Hold and repeat with the other leg. (Repeato x 2 each side)
  • Standing Calf
    Place feet in front of each other about 18 inches apart. Keep back leg straight and heel on the floor. Push against a wall to increase the stretch. Hold and repeat with other leg. (Repeato x 2 each side)


  • Chaturanga (Repeato x 2)
  •  Lunge, Crescent, Warrior One, Warrior Two (rock), Triangle, Wide Legged Yurpees (5), Atlas Shrugged, 5 Dips, Warrior Two (rock), Warrior One , Crescent, Lunge, Down Dog, Chaturanga (Repeato x 2 each side)
  •  Chaturanga (Repeato x 2)
  • 10 x LBC, 10 x Squirm, 10 x Crunchy Frogs (Repeato x 3 without stopping)
Naked Man Moleskin
  1. Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning.  I’ve noticed more chatter about hurt calves and pulled hamstrings, so I thought it would be nice to bring some flexibility exercises to Warrior One.  I encourage you to complete a daily stretching routine to prevent injuries
  2. The concepts of Mindfulness  and moving with intention come from a book on meditation I’ve been reading lately.  I thought it may be nice to incorporate that into this workout.
  3. Happy Hour tonight at 7:00 PM (@Flanagan’s)
  4. Please remember to support our community outreach efforts.  We are collecting Men’s Shoes (washed and tied together) for F3 Nation (@BBQ is our Shoe Q), as well as Soup for the Harrisburg Food Pantry (See @Solo Cup or @Schedule C)


Solo Cup

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  1. Deuce

    Good job, Solo Cup! Thanks for leading. I was really able to concentrate on my breath today and it felt great.

  2. RibShack

    @SoloCup- looked like another classic, hate I missed it! If @SSMinnow didn’t need someone to anchor the back of the line I’d have been there!!

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