This BB will be as quick as the Cruise was wet this a.m. Counts in the gloom? 10 PAX, zero Qs (1 on-the-fly Q) and countless kills (mostly worms, one frog and possibly a couple fish.)  Due to a misQmunication, 0530 arrives but the Q had not, so we ran. YHC failed to deliver the #disclaimer, instead opting to just start running.

The Thang
Out the main entrance, turn L on HCP (as @Nanny LIFOs), R on Fair Vista, cross over HCP to whatever that little semi-circular loop is at the front of the ‘hood is.  Once the lop comes back to HCP, take a R and head back toward HCES, R on Shelley, L on Ridge, L on Street and back to the HCES parking lot.  4.8 miles by my #Garmin, but it might count mileage the way @Hammer counts my burpees using @Gump math.


– Yes, HDHH is TONIGHT @ Pippas anytime after 8pm
– Last day to register for Thunder Road with the F3 Discount Code (check F3Nation to find the code.)

Naked Moleskin (can’t read it b/c it was so wet this a.m. that even my virtual ink bled.)
– Welcome back @WildTurkey from Kentucky’s liquorized version of the BRR
– @Dropcloth – I’ll stop now.
– Get ready for @Google’s virgin Q on Nov. 4… a 21-gun salute tribute to our armed forces.  You do NOT want to miss it.
– Nice work by all PAX today… tough to hang with the leaders dropping sub-8s.  Heard comments several times over the past few Cruises that it’s becoming Wednesday Speed.
– @Nanny – you may have #LIFOed, but it didn’t take you long to catch us and surge to the front. Strong brother!

3 thoughts on “MisQmunication

  1. Dropcloth

    Thanks for stepping up today to Q @Chowder. (And thanks for not finishing your thought above).

    The cruise is starting to feel like speed. All I could do was watch the flashing red light on @frodo get dimmer and dimmer as we ran along.

    @Stoli and @wild turkey enjoyed the F2 during the run.

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