Making it rain in Mugga Flocka

Warm Up:

Duck walk under the cover at Coaltrain then beat crawl up the ramp, mosey around to the front and contemplate the run to Mugga Flocka

Run to the Mugga Flocka

In front of the park entrance:

SSH x 12

ISS x 15

Mountain climbers x 15

Run down to the park with stops at different stations:

Cackalaka cho cho followed by 10 dips

Run to the next stop

15 dips

Run to the picnic table shelter

– 10 squats


– 10 derkins


– 10 dips

an then

– 10 LBCs


Mosey to the playground:

Mini mud run

Walk down the parallel bars

5 jump ups

Monkey bars

Slide down the slide

Run to the top of  the hill

Run back

Mosey back to AO


Brazilians x 15

KGB twists x 10


– A very rainy morning, Q was glad to see pax when he ran up to AO

– Mini mud run was even more resembling of a real thing when Exit 54 and I stepped almost knee deep into the puddle

– FNGs are no longer, now known as Photon and Sundrop – great effort and much praise for coming back after Tue beatdown

– Great effort by all despite the weather and thanks to Indy for corralling FNGs

– Happy birthday to $5, little guy is still a hate-hate

Until next time