Splashin’ in the Puddles

With a pitter-patter (or serious downpour) of rain on the windowsill this morning it was difficult to exit the fartsack, but 19 #Tradition men made the right choice and locked shields for a soggy beatdown.

The Moist Thang:

Dynamic Warm-up around the church: Frankenstein walk, butt kickers, high knees, karaoke

W/U COP: SSH, Superman-Banana (crowd favorite), Windmill, Mountain Climbers, IST, Mericans

Mosey to the Outback for the Main Event:

Break into 5 groups (not groups of 5) that will rotate to 5 stations.  Every 2 minutes 1 minute we sprint between stations.

Station 1 (Pull-up bars): Pull-ups, Knee to Elbows; Pull-up to Knee-up combo

Station 2 (Center of Outback): Apollo Ohno; Jump Lunges; Air Squat

Station 3 (Mini-hill): Backwards run uphill, 5 LBC at top, forward run down, 5 mericans at bottom

Station 4 (Brick yard): Cinder block curls; Overhead Press; Curl to Press combo

Station 5 (Dip bars): Dips; Derkins; Incline Mericans

Australian Peelback (Squat to bear crawl)


Mary in the Outback puddles:

Mason Twist, Reverse Crunch, Hollow Rock, Superman-Banana

The Wet Moleskin:

1. When you hear rain outside as the alarm sounds, the hardest exercise is swinging those feet to the floor. T-Claps men for posting on a wet morning!  The real test is in a couple months when the temp is 25 degrees colder and you hear the rain. #onlyregretthepostyoumiss

2. In classic Sky Q fashion, the rain stopped as soon as we began the beatdown.  However, I thought it appropriate to get the wetness out of the way, hence Superman-Banana for warm-up. The Mary Superman-Banana was just for fun. #adultrecess

3. I was never a boyscout, but doing F3 for a couple years has taught me to be prepared with a few items to always carry in the trunk of my car: gloves, towel, Skipper Hat #towelneededtoday #Skipperhatacceptableanytime

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26



8 thoughts on “Splashin’ in the Puddles

  1. Skipper Post author

    After 30 seconds of dips, I quickly realized 2 minutes for each exercise might be a little too long. Hope you enjoyed splashing in the Outback with me, and cobains to the M for the wet, grassy clothes you brought home.

  2. FunkyBunch

    Good stuff Skipper. You gotta love the loud groans from the PAX when on a wet morning the first exercise is the SuperMan!(then roll over and get your 6 wet)

  3. BlindDate

    Great workout Skipper. Fortunately I grabbed the towel on my way out of the door this morning. It will now forever reside in the trunk of the car. Gotta love the harmonious groans by the PAX.

    #Raptor, #Montana and #Guinness — good push men. We’ll get those Apollo Ohno’s down sooner or later….probably later.

  4. Chicken Strip

    Had a great time this morning despite being dripping wet even though it wasn’t raining. Great workout and good lesson to have a towel around. Can’t say I need the skipper hat and somehow keeping a chicken strip in the car doesn’t just isn’t the same.

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