Patriots Loop

6 braves men defeated the fartsack and the misty gloom to be rewarded with victory laps around Patriots Loop!

Patriots Loop
High knee butt kickers
Stoli Skips – Pox Lunges
SSH x 30
Apollo Ohno x 20

Sprint to Front Parking Lot
Partner up
Partner A bunny hops up steps runs loop
Partner B exercises until partner A returns – switch
Total exercises per team
Burpees x50
Mericans x150
LBC x250

Everyone bunny hops stairs – runs a loop

Partner situps x10
Partner throwdowns x10
repeato – repeato

Everyone bunny hops stairs – runs a loop

10-1 ladder at small hill
Lunges at top
Squats at bottom

Everyone bunny hops stairs – runs a loop

partner push length of parking lot – switch
partner pull length of parking lot – switch

Everyone bunny hops stairs – runs a loop
Mosey to parking lot for Mary
Homer to Marge Medley
Mason Twist

5 thoughts on “Patriots Loop

  1. Pharaoh Post author

    Guys I enjoyed the opportunity to Q once again at Rolling Stone. It is great to see men supporting each other through the struggles.
    Tclaps to Mattress King for outpacing everyone on the hill
    @former FNG Tyler now Bsrney Ruble – dang dude you are strong!
    Great work everyone!

    1. WaterBoy

      Pharaoh great workout. Glad to be back guys. Thanks for the encouragement. Great To meet you Barney Rubble. See you guys Thursday!

  2. LawDawg

    @Pharaoh, nice workout this morning. Enjoyed the loop you found, hadn’t seen that possibility before. I think it worked great.

    @Waterboy, nice work this am. You are getting stronger, no question. Thanks for stepping up to be ShoeQ.

    It was great to get a Bootcamp in…a couple of straight runs in NY and I was bored!

  3. Kato

    @Pharoah: Thanks for supporting Rolling Stone by coming out to Q again. Great workout/great variety. For some reason, it went incredibly fast this morning. I was surprised when it was over.

    @Mattress King: Way to push this morning. I was dogging it after yesterday’s workout and was glad you picked up the slack.

    Welcome back @LawDawg…..looking forward to your workout Saturday.

    @Barney Rubble: Congratulations on your second post. Glad to have you as a part of the group.

    To everyone who fartsacked this morning: I’ll have to admit I gave it a thought as sheets or rain were falling down at my house at 5:15. But, I figured, the school has several covered area that Pharoah would (hopefully) retreat to if needed. It all worked out for the best as the rain stopped before the workout began. Long story short: Rain, Shine, or Snow…just post and you’ll be glad you did. I’ve not been to a workout yet that I regretted due to weather.

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