Jailbreakin’ like we stole something

(posted for Kraut)

12 of Harrisburg’s finest descended at the park for a visit from the pain train. It got ugly fast. Here are the dirty details.

Mosey to the soccer field parking lot with a little high knees and butt kickers sprinkled in along the way.
Side Straddle Hop: x25
Hand Release Push-ups: x20
Imperial Storm Tooper: x20
Windmill: x15

Mosey to the end zone of the football/soccer field.
Bear crawl to the 50 yard line
Turn around and crab walk back to the 25-yard line.
Stop and burpee broad jump back to the end zone from the 25.
Partner fireman’s carry from end zone to end zone, stopping at the 50-yard line to switch the partner carry.

The real fun begins at the soccer field:
10 rounds. 1 minute to jailbreak sprint from end zone to end zone completing max efforts of the following exercises for the remainder of the minute. 30 seconds rest between rounds.
Round 1: Burpees
Round 2: Air Squats
Round 3: Merkins
Round 4: Burpees
Round 5: Air Squats
Round 6: Merkins
Round 7: Burpees
Round 8: Air Squats
Round 9: Merkins
Round 10: Burpees

Recovery walk over to the soccer field bleachers.
Dips: x20
Incline Merkins: x10
Decline Merkins: x5

Mosey over to the soccer field hill for a ladder:
5 jumping air squats, 1 burpee
4 jumping air squats, 2 burpees
3 jumping air squats, 3 burpees
2 jumping air squats, 4 burpees
1 jumping air squat, 5 burpees

Mosey over to the football field house for 1 minute balls to the wall (or butt to the bricks, your choice)
Mosey over to Jack Webb memorial field.
Jack Webbs (1 merkin / 2 air presses) down from 10
Mosey to the bottom of heart rate hill. Jailbreak sprint to the top.

Mason twist x25
Low flutter x25
Low dolly x20
Crunchy Frog x25

Strong, strong work, men. It was an honor and a pleasure to lead you all on my first Q. I was very impressed by the effort.
Padre and Magnificent, you fellas have some wheels. That was some strong work on the sprints. Gapper, don’t think we didn’t notice you pulling the lead on a couple of those. Nice work.
Magnificent, we lost you somewhere during the sprints. I’m hoping you’re OK.
For the record, end zone to end zone sprint means 120 yards (you’re welcome Deuce)
I enjoyed the post workout coffeeteria. Great conversation.


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